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Pinellas deputy struck and killed in crash off East Lake Road, subject in custody – IONTB


Roadside Grave




Yesterday I wrote about One of the Dangers we face Daily, too many Nuts with Guns. I haven’t written a Blog on Safe Driving in Months, because the Pandemic and the Pandemonium in the Government and in the Country. Twenty years ago I developed a strong disdain for People who makes it a Daily or frequent habit of Driving under the Influence. That happened when the In-law of a Coworker who spent six or seven years in Prison for D.U.I. killed someone while Driving Drunk. When you get seven years in Prison for D.U.I. it’s usually because you were involved in a Horrendous Crash. He came out of Prison and returned to his old ways almost immediately. This Time he was Traveling Wilkes Barre Blvd, a Forty Five MPH Street at a High Rate of Speed, Drunk as usual.

This Time he ran a Red Light and killed an E.M.T. Personnel. I have no Idea what  Sentence he received, but I hope he got Life, he needs to be kept in a Cage for the rest of his Life. People like that never change, given the Opportunity he will kill again. Tonight coming Home from work I encountered the largest Police activities I had ever seen in my life on East Lake Road. This Road is Posted Fifty MPH at its Highest Point. I take this Road daily to avoid the quickest Rute in my Commute. The main Drag U.S 19 is Posted 55 MPH , People have done 100 and lost their Lives and take others with them. Everyone in the Tampa Area thinks that they are Racecar Drivers, even the Drunks.

On this Fateful Night at Eleven P.M. the Road was shut down since Four Thirty P.M. and won’t be opened till Late Morning. All this Frustration for probably One Hundred Thousand Commuters. The reason for this is a Drunk with Sixteen Priors Arrests and a Suspended License Killed one of the Deputies from my Building, Travelling at Highway Speed on a 50 MPH Roadway. The Family Man left behind a Wife and Kids and a wealth of Broken Dreams. All because one Idiot could not Recognize that he had a Problem and to seek help. That’s a sad reality that affect Ninety Five Percent of Alcoholics ” The only Problem I have with Alcohol is when I don’t have any”. That is the Deadly Mindset that most Alcoholics possess. Projecting into the possible outcomes of their Actions is as Dismal as their little Brain’s capabilities.

One of my Neighbors killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife has permanent Scars
The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.

These People are as Dangerous as a Loaded Gun in the Hands of a Four years Old Child. These are the People I share the Roadway with Five Days a week. Ten Hours per Week I put my Life at Risk to make a Living. Now does anyone still wonder why writing Blogs about safe Driving is my Forte and my Passion. In many of my Blogs about safe Driving I tell you that I Drive like a Jedi Pilot each and every Day. Some thinks that I am a Fanatic with my Words, but I cannot Emphasize enough to you the need for Diligence when you get behind the Wheel. It’s not only the Drunks but Fifty Percent of the People out there don’t belong on the Road. It’s like whenever some People gets behind the Wheel, the Idiot that’s been contained, pops out. All of a sudden it’s Lights, Action, Camera, I don’t know who they are Performing for. There are no Audience this is not an Audition, this is my Life you are trying to end abruptly. Truthfully I am not afraid of Dying however I am Deathly afraid of the Mangling of my Body, squashed in Steel and Glass. Followed by a lifetime of Oxi to stop the Pain. So I will make it short and Simple, if you have a Death wish be Merciful to the rest of your fellow Motorists and leave alone. This is as Bluntly that I can address Bad Drivers. Until you Read my next Safe Driving Blog, remember that I will always be on your Case, because this is my Life you are playing with.

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