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Super Bowl




Super Bowl

It’s a Time when the World stops for a period of Time, long enough to forget our worries, to numb our pains, to Socialize not withstanding a Pandemic and forget our Differences and Diversity. A Time when the only Division is among the Two Teams Playing a Game that would make Ancient Gladiators Envious where the Two Best Jousters in the World are Pitted against each other. People come from all over to cheer their Team and Jeer the Opposition. Some wager a few scarced Rubles, win or Lose they are backing their Team. When the Contest is over they Party without Pity, like the Man said ” Get down and Boogie till you just can’t Boogie no more “. What a Joyous Occasion, coming out of a year of Divisive Politics that have Driven a Wedge in the American Spirit that brought this Game together, ( Emotional Intelligence) . if these Guys are Emotionally imbalanced The Game is lost before the First Half.

Back in 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles acquired Terrell Owens to pair with franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb and the initial results were dynamic, as McNabb and Owens led the Eagles to a 13-3 record and an appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX. The Eagles went on to lose to New England 24-21, with Owens carrying the Birds offense on one leg.   Fast forward six months later and the relationship between quarterback and wide receiver quickly evaporated. When previously asked about the topic, Owens insinuated that the relationship deteriorated after McNabb allegedly became jealous of the wide receiver, and changed his interactions with him.

“A lot of people speculate as to what happened but I think over the years now, people see that I wasn’t really the problem in Philly,” Owens told Adam Schein on Mad Dog Radio. “People said that Donovan and I had some friction. Maybe he had some friction with me, but I didn’t have any with him. “From my understanding, he had a problem with the way the city embraced me and not the way they embraced him. I am going by what I’ve heard in the streets.” During a January 2020 installment of “Untold Stories” with Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion, the six-time Pro Bowler believes the drama between him and Owens “broke up” the Eagles.

“The offseason goes through and then all of a sudden there’s turmoil there and (Owens and the Eagles) are in a conversation going back and forth, and we had to answer those questions instead of focusing on what we need to do in order to get back to where we were,” McNabb said. “I thought that was a major distraction for us … That was something that kind of broke us up.” Whether it was by design or just coincidence, Tesfatsion landed an interview with Owens almost a year after McNabb, and the intel is outstanding. Owens, like many players in today’s NFL, had outplayed his contract and wanted a new deal. It appeared that Owens was bothered by McNabb not endorsing a new deal after the Hall of Fame wide receiver helped McNabb reach new heights in that initial season together.

During his sitdown with ‘Untold Stories’, Owens tells a story of a “hungover” McNabb, puking in the huddle because he was out drinking before the Super Bowl. “Why would somebody lie, there were teammates that said he threw up in the huddle.” “I’ve talked to teammates since then, and “know for a fact”, that he was out before Super Bowl XXXIX, drinking before the biggest game, pretty much of all our lives.” Owens went on to harp on McNabb’s conditioning problems, and how the Eagles star quarterback’s behavior was “irresponsible.” If what Owen’s said is remotely true, McNabb should probably be in the Hall of Fame himself after the quarterback went 31 of 51, for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns. McNabb also tossed 3 interceptions in the contest,  and the dual-threat quarterback only carried the ball one time in the loss. If that’s not your Classic Emotional Imbalance which should be in the Handbook for any Team oriented Activities that stresses Cohesivenes, this is it.

The spirit of having Respect for your Opponent is something very Noble, without it, you will be humbled with Defeat. My Friend The Rocket who played for the Cowboys, didn’t respect that his speed came from his small Size. He didn’t respect the Size of the Running Backs that he was Jeering with his Phenomenal catches and returns. On this One play he jumped high in the Air and snatched the pass, One of these Huge Running Backs nailed him on his way down. He left the Game on a Stretcher and never returned to a Field ever again. Disrespecting Democracy while claiming to be Patriotic will bring Ruinous consequences to our Governmental Structure. The Right to Protest to show your Dissatisfaction is Constitutionally protected.

Disrespecting the Hallowed Chambers of Congress is unforgivable, that is not Patriotic, that is Seditious. In the Old Days Punishable by Firing Squad or Guillotine. Thank God we are living in a Kinder Gentler Nation. Look what happened to peaceful Protesters in Russia One Month later. If they had crashed the Kremlin the way they crashed the Capitol you would need Tractor Trailers to remove the Bodies. Yet so called Patriotic Americans spit in the Face of Liberty and Democracy by Decrying the Legitimacy of One of the Fairest Election ever. An Election that went under a Microscope, the Results and Protocols were Dissected by the Administration’s Best and 52 Courts including the Supreme Court packed with his Own Appointees. The Lame Mindedness that this Election was Fixed, is Equivalent to the Kentucky Derby being Fixed for all the other Jockeys to hold back thei’r Horses. Fifty Yards before the finish Line the Crooked Jockey jumps off his Horse. Fixed Elections only happens in Banana Republics. Storming the Capitol is Banana Republics Tactics. Wall Street and the Academic institutions would not Cast a Blind Eye if they saw Fowl, because Capitalism cannot survive without Democracy. We as a People cannot survive without Democracy. So here we are in America Third Down and Ten on the  Fifty yards line in the Super Bowl of Democracy, Two minutes remaining, Joe needs a Miracle, the entire world is watching, the Enemies of Democracy world wide  is Booing, because America has Boasted the Best Democracy for Four Hundred years. The Neros in Congress are Fiddling while America is Burning.

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