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Self Destruction


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Self Destruction

When I was Seventeen my Biggest Fear was that Russia was going to Nuke us. I grew up to have lived another Fear, that one Day America would be under the Grip of Terrorism as Israel was in 1971. Buses Blowing up, Buildings crumbling like the W.T.C. where 900 of my fellow Coworkers at Solomon Brothers perished. Today I am living another Fear, that Extremists would make their way into our Government. In one of my Blogs I made the Statement that your past doesn’t determine who you are to become. It’s either I am a Liar or I am misguided. A Politician who isn’t in Office for Thirty Days and have Portrayed themselves to believe that Democrats eat Babies Flesh and Drink their Blood, is beyond a Conspiracy Kook.

They are Demented and shouldn’t be trusted with your Pets much more upholding our Sacred Constitution. The same Kook who said that Muslims should not come to this Country because if they want to have their Multiple Wives or Goats or Sheep, that is their lifestyle, we don’t want it here, indicating that they indulge in Bestiality, what Insult. And you wonder why they call us Infidels. The same Bigot who said that the reason why there aren’t more Successful Black Men in America is because that when they are young they choose Gang Life. Well I guess she has never heard of The Hells Angeles, The Russian Mafia, The Irish Mafia  or The Italian Mafia. Getting back to your past doesn’t determine your Future. When I was Thirteen I knew how to make Time Delayed Incendiary Devices.

At Fourteen I was Dismantling Shotgun Shells, repackaging them in other Materials to  make a Bigger Bang. When the Black Panther Party tried to Recruit me I said no. When the Mafia tried to Recruit me I said no. When the Neighborhood Drug Dealer offered me 1,000 Dollars Of pure uncut  Cocaine to step on as much as Ten Times, no upfront Money, I said no. Today I work in a Justice System with High Security Clearance. My Past didn’t Dictate who I am Today, God did. As far as Marjorie is concerned she has no past and no Future because she is living them now. What you see is what you get. On that Note, why would you want a Lawmaker in this Country who don’t Cherish and Cradle Democracy. Someone who acts like they are Experiencing all the Post Syndromes all at once.

A friend of mine once asked me what to do, he said that they are Driving down the Road and for the most trivial thing his Wife flips to Mr Hyde. Back then we knew nothing of Bipolar. Another Friend of mine Mark Hershberger went Hunting up in Canada with his Wife, she shot and Killed him, claiming that she thought he was a Bear, at 50 yards. Mark bragged to me that she had shot Bullseye at 1000 yards. Then I learned that she suffered Bipolar Disorder. Marjorie Taylor Exhibits Irrationality. 1972 I predicted that The same rash of Terrorism that Israel was Experiencing, would one Day make its way here. When the W.T.C. fell I felt like I had already lived it. All my friends know that I like to keep it short and Simple, so Here is the Kicker. Here is another Prediction, Marjorie is going to loose it one Day, if I am not mistaken she carries a Gun. May God Protect our Lawmakers from Ava or Christine or Regan or whoever she is.

P.S.  Emotional Intelligence isn’t in her Vocabulary.

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