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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste






Literacy, a Shrinking Social Value

Five years ago when I started my first Website, I invited this person to visit my Site, read my first Five Blogs and tell me what they thought. Days later they told me that they liked what they had read, they also told me that they had Dabbled in writing also and asked me to read some of thei’r work. The work consisted of Flower Children mindset Poetry. Not knowing if I could provide enough quality Blogs to Generate an Audience, I invited them to be a Guest Writer on my Website. They produced One Post, then tells me that there would be no more, because they didn’t want to be involved with W.W.W.  Publications. I considered their stance queer, considering that the Web was a Great way to Showcase your Skills. A short while later their Posts was popping up on Social Media in Record Numbers. Then it occurred to me that they were nothing but a Social Media Junkie, a Hound for that 30 second of Fame. Someone who had no interest in leaving a Mark on the Literary Media. Someone who didn’t want to work for Notoriety, below you will find their latest Post on my Social Network, you be the Judge, did I get lucky not having them Post on my Website or what. I would like to hear your Thoughts on what Einstein said about a Generation of Idiots.

So my 13 yr old is Th hell raiser out of my 3…always something so not last wk but Th wk b4 sh had it out wit one of her teachers and told Th man stop spitting in her face …he kept fussing and spitting so sh told him  sh was gonna get her dad to shoot him…ikr…instead of tellin Th principle so of course sh was sent to Th office and texted me Th whole story…shortly after I get a call frm Th cops telling me Th same story and asked if they could come talk to me after I got off…sure…then they called bac and said is it ok to search for weapons when we get there…🤔sure…and is her dad there?…no he’s not…yu mind giving me his name?…no I dnt mind…they wanted to run his name to see if he had gun charges…thank God he didn’t…so I got off frm wrk and sho nuff here come two officers approaching my house…they came in asked where her room was and was out in 5 mins…she wasn’t there…I had her wait by her friends house…of course I dnt play wit guns and I defenitely dnt allow them in my house like I told him I’ve never even shot a gun and I’m not sure why Maliyah said tht bc we dnt believe in guns -we ate none violent…I dnt teach my children to be violent…we pray when something’s wrong…he was so understanding and said ppl say crazy things when they get mad …even kids…Thank God he didn’t press charges or suspend her for Th threat …honey I was in disbelief by Th whole incident…her dad was pissed but @ Th same time he always tell her he’ll kill a mf behind her so b careful wht yu tell yur kids…they believe yu

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