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Civil Unrest



Civil Unrest

Today I had the most Edifying Conversation with a Deputy who is Eighty Days from Retirement. The Conversation began with me telling him Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all that stuff on 02/01/21. I had not seen him since the Week before Christmas. He asked me if my planned move to South Carolina was still on. I told him that there could be no dissuasion. I told him that this was her place of Birth and that she was Resolved about going Home. I interjected that I hope that this wasn’t the Elephant Syndrome  (returning to your place of Birth to Die ). Then we continued about the way some People are about their perspectives, my way or the Highway. Then we broached on the way things are Today, the split in America. He is White and Fifty Five Years old, I am Black and Sixty Seven years old. He is Republican I am Democrat yet we could have a Civilized Disagreement about the Social Upheavals we are Experiencing.

We Discussed the Evils of Socialism’s, yet the need for Affordable Health Care, Economic and Racial Equality. There are Black People whose Wealth surpasses a Hundred Billionaires, yet inner City kids go to Bed Hungry. As you can see Greed has no Color. So you see my Hateful Friend, it’s not White against Black, it’s us against them. My Best Friend at Thirteen was Eighty Percent White, his Brother Ninety Percent, yet they were considered Black. I believe that notion created an Identity Crisis and inward conflicts for them. They rejected their White Heritage vehemently. The Conversation was like Salt and Pepper coming together at the Dinner Table to make the Meal more Palatable. That brought us to the Heart of the Matter. Coming to the Table with ” Emotional Intelligence”. In Sixty Seven years of living I had never heard that Phrase until he told me that I possessed it. We then ended the Conversation on the Premise that this was the Missing Equation at the Table. I was already Two Hundred words into this Blog before we had this Conversation. All it did was to put a Column Post to this Blog.

1972 America was in Turmoil with Civil Upheavals dealing with Civil Rights protests and the Vietnam War. Black People wanted equal justice, something that is still elusive and White People wanted their Young Men out of Vietnam, a war that was considered to be Illegitimate. America was getting her Ass Kicked, Crooked Nixon and his Nixon Republicans were playing Smoke and Mirrors with the Numbers of Fatalities on each side. The Day that I had planned to enlist, something happened and I missed my appointment. One of my Childhood friends who was Three years older than I kept his appointment. Within One and a half years in this Guerrilla warfare this Patriotic young Man Decided that he had seen enough of his Comrades Dying senselessly. He slipped away from his Unit and made his way back to the Bronx. When I saw him I thought I had seen a Ghost,

Two weeks earlier he had written to me how they were trapped in a Fierce ambush, he stated that this was everyday occurrences, and that he didn’t think that he would make it back home. Weeks before he Enlisted we had many Debates about why should a Black Man in America join the Army, there were Racism in the Army and in the Neighborhood, where were the Gains. Back then I was not enlightened to the Words ” always support your Country, your Government only when deserving”. So there you have it, the motivation for this Blog. Extremely Skilled U.S. Army trained Black Men, trained Killers, living next-door. About One year ago One of them returned Home to the most Pregudicall place on Earth, Texas U.S.A. he was unable to deal with the Degradation of being Black living in Texas. One Day he Armed himself and took up a Vantage Point Four Stories in a Garage. Before they Blew him up with a Robot Bomb he had killed Four Cops. A couple of Days later in Louisiana Two Cops got Ambushed the way my Friend and his Unit got Ambushed in Vietnam, Two more Cops lost their Lives. A Thousand Miles further North in Missouri another Ambush. If that’s not Homegrown Terrorism then I am a fan of the Ku Klux Clan. Albert Einstein said that a Fool does things the same way indefinitely, each time looking for different Results. Today we are living in a Toxic Environment of Extremists Driven Separatism and Division. As a result of misunderstanding and misinterpretations of the Second Amendment White Supremacist Groups are Extremely Armed and Facilitate the Notions of Armed Confrontations.

The Ignition, widespread Conspiracy Theories that they are losing their Country, that they stole from the Native Americans. What gave these People the Notions that the North Americas Belongs to the White Man. The People on the Mayflower were Refugees running from Extremism and oppression.

They came here and Perpetuated Genocide on the true American, the Native American. They then went to Africa and Kidnapped an Entire Generation of People. With Brutality and ungodly treatment of the Black People uprooted from their Home and with Free Labor, they Forged their way into Civilization. When the rest of the World developed Consciousness and decided to free their Slaves America was the last Civilized Nation to follow Suit. That was preceded by a Bloody Battle that cost Sixteen Thousand Lives to keep things Status Quo. Four Hundred years Later and they want to make America Great Again and take their Country back from Progressives. Taking a Country back has its Costs.

1971 I was only Seventeen when I told my Friends that the same way People were Dropping Buildings in the Middle East, one Day that would happen in America. Then came Tim McVeigh then the World Trade Center with Nine Hundred of my former Coworkers. I told my Friends that Israel Facilitated all the Terrorist activities that was going on in Lebanon and Tel Aviv. They asked me how so, I told them that when People have nothing to lose, they Sacrifice their Lives to make a Statement. What the Engineers of this Movement don’t understand is that if White Supremacists were to take Power, Yes the Seeds are Planted in Congress. Black People would be put in the same Predicament that the Palestinian People were subjected to. Hence the Father of Terrorism Yasir Arafat came to Power and even become President of Lebanon. Be careful of whom you choose to become President 2024. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Supremacist Seed, the Pig wearing Lipstick and Heels. She said that Seventeen years old Cruz didn’t Kill seventeen of his fellow Classmates in my Home State of Florida. She attached the Killings and the World Trade Center to Conspiracy Theories, that both circumstances were Dubious. Well there you have it , Ignorance is an Epidemic and is Contagious, there are many others in the Government. One of them will run for President in 2024 and take Trumpisim to the next Level. I will end this with my favorite prompt, what is the Author not saying?. Forget about that, I will tell you what I am saying, America is Approaching The Edge of Night and us the God-fearing Ones who Love this Land need lend a helping Hand.

Parting Script

e·mo·tion·al in·tel·li·gence


the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

“emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”

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