Shared Article from AOL: Increasingly militant Oath Keepers were at the forefront of the Capitol siege. Who are they — and what oaths are they keeping?

I felt it necessary to post the Body of this Story ahead of the Story

Rhodes is said to have grown up in the Southwest and enlisted in the military after high school with dreams of becoming a Green Beret, but received an honorable discharge after injuring his spine during a night parachuting accident. In his late 20s, he enrolled at the University of Nevada and, after graduating 1998, went on to the Yale Law School, where he won an award for a paper he wrote on the Bill of Rights. 

After law school, Rhodes started a family and established a law practice in small-town Montana, where he advertised his legal services as “Ivy League quality without Ivy League expense,” but was disbarred by the Supreme Court of Montana in December 2015 after refusing to respond to multiple ethics complaints about his conduct. 

According to a 2010 profile

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