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Who Helps Himself




Who helps themselves

Ever since I was a young Child I have never taken anything sitting down. Even when it came to grownups accusing me wrongly. That way of being followed me to my last year in High School. My Teacher was telling fibs about an occurrence in History. I challenged him and received a failing grade,  I had to go to Summer School for half a Grade to graduate. I challenged him on his opinion of Individual Achievements of some Emperors. I told him that all his Philosophy does is to Promote Capitalism and Self-centeredness. I pointed out to him the Homeless Epidemic that was in its Infancy in 1972 that it was Society’s problems.

Jesus the Beggar

His answer was that they were all Bums and chose to be that way. He further stated that some People just can’t be helped, I stood up in the Class and Berated his Tunnel- Vision. I was only Eighteen when the City of New York decided that they could no longer Fund Willobrook Mental Facilities. 95% of the Residents were turned out on the Streets of New York. Hence the Birth of a New Sociological Disorder, widespread Homelessness. Hundreds of Mentally Handicapped People to fend for Themselves and blend into a Society of People indoctrinated to be Individual Achievers.

I got mine, screw the rest. To some of my Friends I say aren’t we our Brothers keeper, they call me a Socialist. Well then explain to me the Benefits for Society overall, when a Company Manufacture a Pair is Sneakers in a Country where People works for less than One Dollar per Hour. The Total Cost of Manufacturing the Sneakers less than Ten Dollars, an Individual Achiever Athlete puts his Name on it. The Sneakers makes it’s way to my Favorite Shoe store, the price, Two Hundred and Twenty Dollars. Very few of these Individual Achievers contributed to Charities, or engaged in Urban gentrification Projects. When I lived in Queens New York Thirty years ago, One Kid got Killed for the Sneakers on his Feet. Another got Killed for the Designer Sheepskin Coat on his Back.

Last Week I watched a Newsman on the Biggest Fake News Media made a Comment that we are Ostracized for believing in Individual Achievements, while the Democratic Party was filled with Left Wing Socialists. Well there you have it. Extending Affordable Health Insurance and Feeding Hungry Americans who had Good paying Jobs One year ago and now find themselves on Long Food lines is Socialism. So be it call me A Socialist for Berating Trump and his Republican Cronies for giving A Three Trillion Dollars Tax cut to the People who pay the last amount of Tax. For example A Billionaire paying Five Hundred Dollars on his Tax Returns and calls himself a President of the little People.

A couple of years ago I worked in St Petersburg Florida, there are places in St Pete where only Millionaires live. Not far from where I worked in the  Downtown area, they were Building an Appointment Building, the Unit Costs, One Million Dollars. Many Days on my way to work I counted Thirty Sleeping Bags near the overcrowded Homeless Shelter. Many Days I bring with me warm Clothes and Shoes. I would leave them on a Bench, many were too Proud to take my Gifts from my Hands. Three Cheers for Individual Achievements. The Lord help those who help themselves, however Greed and selfishness is an Erosion of the Soul. What Good is a Man if he became a Billionaire but has no Soul. They say that a Man who Believes in nothing he also is nothing.

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