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the action of making an idea, feeling, or impression known or understandable to someone.

The Importance of coming across is the Backbone of Communication. If you are a Doctor and you have a Consultation with your Patient about a Procedure, it is your Job to make sure that he Comprehends, what you just said. If you are the Patient it is your Job to ask questions until you fully grasp what was just said. That Train of Thought carries over in all Conversations, even in asking Directions. What brought this on is, my Wife who is a Paper Pusher she worked for the City of New York and the Federal Government for years. She tried to get us Scheduled for the Vaccine for Two weeks.

We Completed the Paperwork on line, each time we tried to get an Appointment, the Screen comes up no more Appointments available. We were at the point of giving up because of the Frustrations. Then she decided to call the Department of Health and asked what was going on, do you have Vaccines or not. Then Wallah the Communication Deadlock was broken, they told her that the Vaccine would be available at a certain Hour, only then can you secure an Appointment. That wasn’t Communicated at any point of the Paper chase. Is this One of those need to know situations or what. And you wonder why the Distribution is in such Disarmament.

Well my Friend welcome to Bureaucracy. Ill- Communication dominates our Lives, but more so in Government. People do not understand the Importance of coming across ( making sure that the next person fully understand what is being communicated) poor Communication is as bad as poor Speaking, I call that Talking with Marbles in your Mouth. The saying that something was lost in the Translations, no, it was lost in the Communication. Sometimes I think that People are just too lazy to use their Lips and Tongues correctly. When it comes to Conveying your Thoughts, don’t presume that I understood what you said, ask me do you understand, especially when you are Conveying, that is an Important Word.

Brings to Mind when Car Dealerships are Conveying thei’r Disclaimers, same thing with Pharmaceuticals, they tell you that the Product could kill you But you take it at your own risk. However the average listeners did not get that. Everyday Conversations shouldn’t be like Disclaimers when you walk away the other person should not be Puzzled. Using as few Words as possible and getting my point across is one of my strong points in Blogging. So there you have it I’ve said enough.

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