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Second Amendment



A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The Words speak for themselves. The Militia isn’t a Band of Gypsies from all over the Country on the Brink of Unhingedness. And the Country isn’t Invaded and Infiltrated by a Bunch of Terrorists who have Circumnavigated all our Protectors. A Militia who Marched on our Nation’s Capital, with the Intention of Intimidating Law Enforcement are nothing short of being the Terrorists that the Second Amendment granted the Right to bear Arms against.

Definition of Domestic Terrorism ( Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature). Guess what, Terrorism is the new norm in America, how do I Know that. One Day after the Raid on the Capital, I was a Victim.

Half a Mile from my House on my way to work, in a Thirty Five M.P.H. Zone a car was riding my Bumper. Traffic coming to a halt, I positioned my car half in the passing Lane while the other half remains in my Lane. The Idiot tried to squeeze through the lane that came to a stop. I re-entered my Lane. The car moved around me then came parallel, the back Window dropped. The passenger in the backseat pointed an Uzi at me. As a result of the Second Amendment allowing every Psychopath to own an Automatic Weapon, I no longer feel safe in America.

When the Window rolled down and I was starring in the Eyes of the young Black terrorist pointing a Weapon only used by Navy Seals and Terrorists, I felt just like the Lawmakers hiding under thei’r Desks. Totally vulnerable and violated. Those were White Terrorists, they were no different than the young Black Terrorist, they are one and the same. Like the Man said this is not my Beautiful House, this is not my Beautiful Car, this is not my Beautiful America. I felt like this was 1972 Driving through Lebanon or Tel Aviv.

Back then I was only Eighteen but I knew that something was Desperately wrong with People Driving Fear in the Hearts of Defenceless People. I think it’s Time to re-think my stances on Gun Ownership. If this is the new Norm in America, ” When in Rome do as the Romans do”. I never again want to feel the Helplessness that engulfed me starring down that short and deadly Stock of that Uzi. The Terrorists are Armed to the Max and I would be doing myself a great disservice of not being able to defend myself if the need become a reality. A Man whose Children are afraid of him from the Beatings that they have recided from him is a Terrorist. The Man who hoisted his Woman over his Head to Bodyslam her to the hard Marble Floor in the Courthouse, in front of me, is a Terrorist.

We are surrounded by People whose only goal in Life is Intimidation by way of Violence. I remember 1972 Reading about Women and Children being Blown up on a Bus by someone wearing a Bomb. I Thought to myself at that Time that Terrorists were Cowards, afraid of facing someone else who were equally armed and not afraid to Die.

Instead they would attack defenceless People. I remember discussing all the Terrorist attacks in the Middle East with my Friends at Eighteen and telling them that One Day we will be in the same Predicament in this Country. 2011 I sat in a Lunchroom in Pennsylvania watching on Television, the World Trade Towers crumbling to the Ground. In One of the Buildings were 900 of my former Coworkers at Solomon Brothers Inc. I have been living in Fear for a long Time. Back then in the Seventies one of my big fear was the Stupid Cold War between Russia. I was always Befuddled that So called Civilized Nation’s entertained the notion of dropping Nuclear Bombs on innocent Civilians. Did I mention Phi Beta Idiots. Terrorists comes in an Alphabetical Arayment of Descriptions. Hence what we are Experiencing Today is the Birth of the American Terrorist. It has been in the works for 300 years and have been Sanctioned accepted and Legitimatized by the same Silence that the German People Humored Adolf Hitler with. The Atmosphere is Ripe we are Experiencing a Breakdown in Democracy, the same way Germany did in 1943. This is your wakeup call America. Big Brother we need for you to step up to the Plate and Protect us against our Neighbors.



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