Night Vision


When Daylight Saving Time ends for 2020, that’s 2 Am for the next Day  many people will find themselves spending more time driving in the dark. Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision can be compromised in the dark, and the glare of headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind a driver.

Even with high-beam headlights on, visibility is limited to about 500 feet (250 feet for normal headlights) creating less time to react to something in the road, especially when driving at higher speeds. That is as real as it gets driving on a busy Road posted 55, Twelve O’clock at Night. There are Stores, Restaurants and Bars up and down the Strip, this Road should never have been posted 55. On this fateful Night my Driving Skills were tested to the Max.

One of my Neighbors killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife has permanent Scars
The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.



Out of nowhere a young Woman was within Twenty Five feet of my Bumper. If I wasn’t Driving with my Murphy’s Mentally (whatever that can go wrong will go wrong) she would have splattered my Windshield. When Driving at Night using my Peripheral vision my Eyes are just about crossed, sort of, in a Daze, in a way feeding what my Eyes are seeing into mind to be evaluated and calculated. This Road is Notorious for Death Crashes, Cars Motorcycle Bicycles and Pedestrians. With fifty years of not being charged with an Accident, I am still Leary of using this Road, I only use it when I have to. Night Driving is a special challenge that the average person is not aware of. So when the opportunity arises to save lives they fumble the Ball.

Six in the Morning I have seen a Motorcycle laid down and the Rider covered with a Tarp. Six A.m. Daylight saving, it is still dark, So imagine 12 Am on a Bustling Saturday Night, Drunk Drivers, Motorcyclists and Pedestrians, a Recipe for Mayhem. One Night coming home I saw a Car impelled on a Light Pole, fifteen feet from the Ground. He had to be doing 100 to become so Airborne. I have painted all the grim pictures that these Eyes have seen. Only to remind you that Driving is not about shits and giggles, it’s about saving Lives. Most importantly, One shot of Brandy diminishes your perception.

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