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Show me my Enemies




America the beautiful land of the free home of the Brave. Your Hour of Power is being tested by the Sword of Division your Luster and Glory they try to Tarnish. Deception, Divisiveness and Demagoguery is hovering your Skies. Your open Arms of Liberty wears a Cast of Isolation, your Immigrants from. England, Ireland, Africa and the World over, have taken you through Industrialization to the Internet Governance and Cyber Wars. Rebellions are your Legacies. Without them there would be no Constitution and Old Glory be trampled on. 




Some of your Critics are Emboldened with snickers, they believe that they see your Nakedness of Disarayment. Fear not America your Rainbow Collation shines from East to West, North to South. Look at Georgia, flipping from Red to Blue, assisting in giving you a Visionary to lead you through Pestilence ,Divisiveness and Enemies of Democracy. The Lights of the Kennedy’s and Dr King were Extinguished prematurely, but their Torches refused to be doused. This Kid watched the Turmoils of 1968 and grew strong and walked away from the Turbulence of Hate and is now Living the Dream. Two bad Rides, nice House and not worried about being Bankrupted but Covid19, plus the Freedom to Express myself. Why would I not Love you America? If I lost some of the Stuff you gave me I would still love you.







  In the Months before his Assassination Martin Luther King became increasingly concerned with the problem of economic inequality in America his concerns impacted my Life. That’s why Today I can stand up and be Proud of you America. You didn’t let me down. I have paid a Fortune in Taxes but I am not crying, my contributions have made you strong, yes you have protected me. Your Attackers are not afraid of your Millitary Might. What they fear most of you, is that you will spread Democracy to the Four Corners of the World, and even to thei’r Doors. To all your Detractors, thei’r Kids are watching just like I was watching at Fourteen years old and is now telling the  Kids of their Legacy of Hate. Let Justice and Democracy come crashing like a falling Meteor.


P.S. God, I Love this Writing Business, keep shining your ever loving light on me

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