Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino – Wikipedia

The Building is 36 years old and is facing Demolition. How is that for being a Financier. He said that no one knows more about Money than him. Four more years and America would be one big Cemetery.

casino formerly owned by Donald Trump is set to be demolished, and you can push the button for the right price.

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City went bankrupt and shut in 2014. Now, the city is auctioning off the chance to dynamite it for charity.

The property was one of three Trump-branded casinos that once formed the centrepiece of the world-famous resort city nicknamed “America’s playground”.

But as revenues plummeted, Mr Trump cut his losses and his ties with the city.

City officials have called several times for the idle building to be torn down after chunks of the crumbling landmark repeatedly broke off and fell onto surrounding streets.

A bidding process that began on Thursday will determine who gets the right to count down and hit the button that will raze the 39-floor casino.

Proceeds from the auction will fund the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America.

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