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The Silent Voices

The issue here becomes, at any given time, how are we translating and using language, not to make people more comfortable, quote unquote, right? Because that’s always a strain, and, historically, the concern in these debates is often, ‘Oh, are we just trying to make white people comfortable rather than speaking truth to power?’ That’s the framework we tend to think about these things,” Obama said. “The issue to me is not making them comfortable, it is, can we be precise with our language enough that people who might be persuaded around that particular issue to make a particular change that gets a particular result that we want, what’s the best way for us to describe that?”

That Conversation Circumferenced Defunding Police Departments. My Wife has always maintained that Obama is an Eloquent Speaker, well naturally if I went to an Ivy League College I would be a Wordsmith. The closest I have been is One Semester at York College, a Community College, studying Computer Programming. Regardless I know how I feel about any given Situation or Conditions. More so I know how to Express myself, maybe not as Eloquently, nontheless I get my Point across. My Mother called be a Budinski, someone who always interject thei’r Thoughts into other People’s conversation. Throughout History wording and Phrasing have caused devastating consequences. It’s all about who said what and how the Listener perceives it that causes adversity.

With that said, the Subject of Defunding Police Departments is a poorly put ill-conceived phrase. Bringing them to Task and holding them Accountable is more Logical than Defunding. Anyone who read my  Blog on Domestic Violence knows how I feel about the Necessity. In the Heat of Passion when the Subject surfaced. I thought, if that meant what it sounds like, I would have to go out and buy a Gun. Now you guys know how I feel about too many Guns out there. Nevertheless if Law Enforcement was Handcuffed I would have no choice but to Arm myself. Obama’s reply on the subject was Misconstrued by his wording. As Mr Nixon would always say ” Make no Mistake” I am for Law and Order. I work in a Justice System, I Converse with Judges, Lawyers and Cops. I have a good Rapport with all and have some Deputies I consider Friends. I even have some who visits my Website. How could I walk among these People fostering the Notion of putting them out of work. Two of my Favorites who works in the same Building that I work are Neighbors, they always ask me, how is your Wife, that’s a good Relationship.

As in anything in Life you have good and bad. Thirty Five years ago while working as an Independent Courier, I had an important Delivery in a Building that housed a Police Department. It was a critical Delivery. The parking in the Area was nonexistent. I decided to park Illegally and pay the Ticket. An undercover Cop told me to move the Car, I tried to explain the Emergency, after refusing to move the Car He Handcuffed me, took me upstairs, poked me hard in the Navel, he didn’t Arrest me, yet I was in a Cell. That was a violation of my Constitutional Rights. I was not Arrested, yet I was in a Cell. After copying my personal information he handed my Wallet to me and warned me that this didn’t happen. If you open your Mouth, we know where you live. The Desk Sergeant and all the other Officers In the immediate area was In Complicity. In my Mind it didn’t really happened and I wasn’t in America, I must have fell asleep and Dreamed it all transpired in Russia. However this was all too real of Cops Circumventing the Law when dealing with Black People all over this Country. And my White Neighbors maintain their Silence, which Amounts to Complicity. It’s Occurrences like that which created the Warcry of Defunding Law Enforcement. With all my bad Experiences with bad Cops I know that every Cop isn’t a Criminal like the Rolling Stones said, way back in the Seventies. My Mother always called me Big Ears ( Evesdropper), I once overheard Three Judges discussing Heinous Criminals, their Consensus, they are Godless People. America is not a Lawless Land and it’s People are not all Godless. There are many among us who walks in Grace. Its just that we need to Dig Ourselves( Check – as in Checks and Balance) mostly we need to get over Ourselves, you’re not all that as you think. Let me be perfectly clear this is not a Banana Republic, Jurisprudence is the Norm.  In The words of Sheriff Buford T Justice. What we have here is a failure to Communicate, some won’t speak up and some won’t listen. Barack would be Proud of this Blog, too bad he is not one of my Followers.

P.S. You can’t take away inalienable Rights.

P.P.S. The World will not be destroyed by those who do wrong, but by those who watched and do nothing – Albert Einstein

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