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Kids Absorbs Your Values

 In Light of Current Events I Thought it necessary to reblog this Post to remind you that you can’t teach Values.  Kids absorbs Values from watching the way you Live your Life. I remember being Seven years old and Grownups were having the most Grown-up Discussions. I would position myself within Earshot and not leave until the Conversation was over. I remember being Thirteen hanging around Future Rock Stars practicing thei’r Music and smoking Weed all Night long. When the Sessions were over, I picked up their Roaches and got Baked. No wonder that when I got to be Fourteen I Thought that I was a Man. At Four years old my little Nephew said to me ” Uncle Creg you are F*****g kidding me aren’t you”. I rest my Case. The Message you send Today, Cultivates Tomorrow’s Generation. I don’t write about Hearsay, I write about been there done that.


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Kids Absorbs Your Values

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