Shared Article from AOL: Most Americans want stimulus checks, reject GOP’s ‘red line’ on liability protections, poll shows




I have always Thought that Republican Politics represented Big Business and is not a Government of the People for the People. The Liability Protection Clause identifies that. O.S.H.A. has what is known as the Right to Know Law. It stipulates that if any Danger is present in the Workplace, the Employee should be made aware of the Dangers. I have been working in a Courthouse where over 85% of the Staff have been Furloughed for Nine Months. People getting sick left and right, the Building getting Fogged twice a Week. Yet not one Posting of the Dangers of coming to work for Nine Months. Mitch McConnell knows of Osha’s Right to Know Law. That is why the Liability Protection Clause is so Important. You can Fool all the People some of the Time, but you can’t Fool all the People all the Time. A.D

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