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The Apprentice

I never liked Reality TV Shows, the reason is that they should be called Surrealist TV. Hollywood have always gone out of thei’r way to presume that  Viewers are Stupid. The Apprentice was one of those Shows that over Exaggerated Reality from everyday living. In a Corporate Structure sitting in the Board Room, you don’t Fire everyone who disagree with you. I once read that a C.E.O. is only as good as the People around him. A Top Notch C.E.O. doesn’t specialize in all Faucets of Business, he Hires those that do and take thei’r Advice. Many have Soared to great Heights using the Idea’s of those under them. Having the Pigheadednes that you are the Boss and the only Opinions that mattered were your’s is a Recipe for Failure. Just look at the Covid19 Pandemic.These Days Pigheadednes is the Norm in Government, there are no Meeting of the Minds.

After Fifty Three years of watching Politicians operate, where Partisan Politics is always the Business of the Day and serving the People who pays their Exorbitant Salaries is not. I am now washing my Hands of this Dirty Business called Politics. This should be my last Blog on the Subject, but not writing about thei’r Ineptness, amounts to Acceptance. It takes one Lawyer to introduce a Law, and Hundreds to Ratify it and a Thousand to Interpret it, it’s an Exercise in Futility. Worst of all far too many of them are Lawbreakers themselves. For instance,  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a new statement Tuesday that he is prepared to fight allegations against him by former top aides into whether he abused his office to help a high-end campaign donor.

Paxton is accused of improperly helping Austin investor Nate Paul, who alleged that the FBI and other federal officials violated his Constitutional rights during a raid on his property last year.

I have always Thought that Most of them on Capitol Hill are Phi beta Idiots and Deceptive People. There are no Greater Fools than Those who Believe that Everyone else is a Fool, that they are the only Smart Ones in the Room. Divisive Politicians have been around since McCarthy. McCarthy isn’t the only Liar in the Room, he told the American People that Many of thei’r Neighbors were  Communist and Socialists, just like stop the steal. A Vicious Campaign of Disinformation was unleashed, they believed him. The Outcomes were Catastrophic, he accused fellow Lawmakers of being un- Patriotic they were Disgraced and lost thei’r Jobs. It was an Attack on Democracy. 2020 Sixty Eight years later Deja vu. Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th president of the United States, serving from 1969 until 1974. He Vehemently denied that he was a Crook. Look at the Disgrace he brought on the Office. Take a closer look at The Apprentice.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling on Friday, Allen West, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party, all but called for states to secede.

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution,” West wrote.

Secession is treason, and all who uphold it by menace or force, or by giving aid in any degree, or in any manner, are traitors, and legally subject to Capital Punishment

The Apprentice brought this Country as close to Sedition as any one Person have ever done. His Tweets have Poisoned Democracy. He has drawn a Mason Dixon line straight through Democracy and the U.S. Any chance of America being united is shot. Might as well just call it The States of America, the United is Deleted. His Following Mirrors Jim Jones, on a Suicide mission to kill Democracy. I have always mentained that if it smells like Fish then so it is. All I would like to know is, why does Politics always draw Deceptive People to the calling of Public Office. Why aren’t they all selling Term Life Insurance and used Cars. I have always believed that Internet Scammers and Hackers would all become Rich if they channeled their Energy into Legitimate Endeavors. Fifty Frivolous Lawsuits amounts to a major Scam, they tried to Pimp the Courts

Old Values are long gone, that one will be rewarded by the sweat of one’s Brows. Believing in those old Values I started working early in Life. I have always Thought that Ninety Days was too much Time to learn your Job. The U.S. Department of Labor stipulates that you can’t Fire a new Employee unless you have given them Ninety Days to learn the new Job. The Apprentice did not learn his Job in Ninety Days, he should have been Fired long ago.

The Apprentice was given Four Years to learn his Job, to the end he Regressed to the Point of Noncompliance, he stopped working. He spent the rest of Time playing Golf and presenting over Fifty Frivolous Lawsuits, they were all Debunked by the various Courts, including the Supreme Court that he Engineered and Crafted. Why would he want another Four years, he learned Nothing about Governing during the first Four. Three Hundred Thousand People Died under his watch.  At the end of Four years he was still an Apprentice, unwilling to learn the Job and unwilling to do the Job of protecting his Employer’s Liability, Health and Welfare. People are Befuddled by his Phantom Wealth. But in September 2020, the New York Times noted that “he is personally responsible for loans and other debts totaling $421 million, with most of it coming due within four years” and no obvious way to repay them.

Trump has a total of over $1 billion in debts, borrowed to finance his assets, reported Forbes in October 2020. Around $640 million or more was owed to various banks (Deutsche Bank, Professional Bank, Amboy Bank, and Investors Savings Bank) and trust organizations (Ladder Capital, Chevy Chase Trust Holdings, and the Bryn Mawr Trust Company). Around $450 million was owed to unknown creditors, due to loans related to his properties of 1290 Avenue of the Americas and 555 California Street. In addition, Trump owes over $50 million to Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC, a company he owns, which would indicate that this company is worth over $50 million; however Trump has not disclosed any value for this company on his financial disclosure report. Overall, Trump’s assets still outvalue his debts, reported Forbes.

Alleged tax-fraud schemes

Donald Trump was also involved in a number of allegedly fraudulent tax schemes. When Fred Trump sold shares in Trump Palace condos to his son well below their purchase price, masking what could be considered a hidden donation, and benefiting from a tax write-off. A lawyer for Trump denied the allegations, calling them “100 percent false, and highly defamatory”. A spokesman for the New York State tax department said the agency was “vigorously pursuing all appropriate areas of investigation”. New York City officials also indicated they are examining the matter of Trump’s alleged fraudulence.

Donald Trump received at least $413 million (2018 prices) from his father’s business empire, the New York Times reported in 2018.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index listed Trump’s net worth as $2.48 billion on May 31, 2018, and Wealth-X listed it as at least $3.8 billion on July 16, 2018. In its 2019 billionaires ranking, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $3.1 billion (715th in the world, 259th in the U.S.) as of 5 March 2019. How much of that is Actual Valuation of Properties Owned and how much is Debt. Regardless, why is someone who has nothing to Offer Politics and his Employers (The People) try so hard to hold onto a Job that he made a mess of his Apprenticeship.  Obama left the Country in good Fiscal conditions. He claimed credit for everything including freeing Slaves. If I can Research all this Information, why are his Followers so Befuddled by his Awesomeness. The Answer, Like Mindedness. A Legend in my own Mind, a Hero in the Floodlights. They say that Politics make strange Bedfellows. They are wrong Politics make People Stupid.

P.S. The Europeans are worried about a Coup. Lets not forget that he still commands the Military.

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