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Heroe in my Own Mind

I was only fourteent the first and only Time I saw someone killed. Ironic that I should breathed a sigh of relief, watching it. Nassi Boo had Terrorized the Neighborhood with Violence, even menacing me. The Detective told him that he was under Arrest, he charged with his Machete, the Detective fired one shot. It was then that I knew that we couldn’t live without Cops. Some of us are born with Defective Brains, some of us loses our way. Some of us thinks that we are larger than Life with our Bodacious attitude that we can do whatever we want to do, including Murder.

For that reason Cops are a Necessary Fixture in Society. A lot of Parents let thei’r Kids down by letting them grow wild like Tumbleweeds thinking that it doesn’t Stink. Dismantling Law Enforcement is a Figment of Thought. Today in the Courthouse I got off the Elevator on the Third Floor. In a corner I noticed a six feet plus Man Berating and Menacing his four feet six inches Woman. Next thing I know he hoisted her over his Head like Hulk Hogan, getting ready to Body slam her to the hard Marble Floor. I moved within four feet of him and aimed my Camera. He looked at me and placed her down gently. Little did he know how close he came to the beat down of his Life. I had it all planned in my mind how I would have Brutalized him.

A sweeping Roundhouse Kick to his Ankles would have taken him down as hard as he would have Body slammed her. On his way up a kick to his Larynx would have fractured it and possibly suffocated him. He avoided a Beating by looking in my Eyes and seeing his Fate. So you see Crazy People aren’t all that Crazy when they realize that they are going to get an Ass-whipping. Domestic Violence overwhelms the Caseloads in our Justice System, many Terrified Women drop the charges before they get to Court. I went into the Attorney General’s office and told them that I needed a Deputy out there, in a flash I had Ten. The Cowardly Jackal was not there when I returned. Battered Women needs to be Resolute in seeking justice. If they allow these Cowardly Jackals to walk, they are just setting the Stage for the next Victim. Ordinary everyday Heroes makes a Difference, I saved her Life.

The Bodaciousness of this Creep thinking that he could do something like that in a Courthouse Building, tells the need for more Cops and more Prisons. When we discussed Big Brother in High School, I thought that 📷 Cameras everywhere would be an Erosion in Privacy. If I had taken the Picture he could have been Arrested for Assault and the Picture would have gone Viral. But like they say you’re slow, you blow. Parting Words every Cop isn’t a Criminal like the Rolling Stones said. There are always Rogue in every Herd, it’s for us to weed them out. And that was how my Day went, just another Mundane Monday. I just love telling a Story with as few words as possible without much ado, Fin.


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