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The Seventh Sign of Madnes

I don’t feel like researching the other six, so I will just deal with the Seventh. It appears that Motion is part of our Metabolism. One Month old we cry and our Mother rocks us and we stop crying. Three Months old and some of us are thrashing into mobility. Six Months old and no One can keep us in park. When we take our First step we are running. From there on speed is in our Blood. We ride our Tricycles at breakneck speeds, our Bicycles to the point of breaking Bones. Speed is now deep Rooted in our Persona. No One has ever told us speeding into Disaster was nothing short of sheer Madness. So we continue this form of Madness into Adulthood.

When I was Eight years old I started figuring that there were something Deathly wrong with Speeding. My older Cousin started riding Motorcycles early in his Life. The Numerous times that I had seen him wearing Casts on his Arms, Leg and even full Body Cast, cured me of every wanting to ride a Motorcycle. Neck braces were a part of his Fashion. My Cousin grew up to be an Electrical Engineer, he could afford to buy all the Killer 🚲 Bikes his little Heart desired, and so did he. I was certain that a Crash would kill him. However it wasn’t a Motorcycle Crash that did it, but a Crash nonetheless. If speeding towards your Death or Someone else’s isn’t Madness, then I am Insane for thinking so. I live in the Greater Tampa Area of the U.S.A.

Since moving here Seven years ago the Death Toll from Motorcycle crashes steadily approach Two Hundred. Pedestrian Deaths by Vehicular Homicide surpasses Motorcycle Deaths. Automobile Deaths are in the Thousands. Ninety Percent of the Times, Speed is the only factor. I am living in an Asylum. Three Days ago another Fatality, a Motorcyclist doing wheelies at high speed. Two Days ago several Blocks from my House, a Mother crossing the Street, watched her Seven years old run over by a Speeding Ninja. He Died at the Hospital, the Hit and Run Rider later turned himself in. He lived One Block from my House. The Boys Death brought relief for me. One less Mad Man off my Street. The Street I live on bears the Name of a Boulevard.

Roadside Grave

It appears that every Idiot in my Neighborhood believes that a Thirty M.P.H. Boulevard is the place to pop your Lifters at Three A.M. there is no Doubt in my Mind that this Mad Man was one of those Idiots who woke me from a sound sleep doing Ninety in a 30 M.P.H. Zone. The Cars, they also shows no mercy. If operating your Vehicles at Break Neck speeds are the only way to get your Jollies, then you my Friend have Teetered the Axis of Sanity. The worst Trait that I find in People, is the inability of Self-Evaluation, Self-Analysis of one’s Daily Life. Doing things the same way every Time, each Time looking for different Results is the single most Important Marker of Madness. It’s a shame that Einstein’s Philosophies are Thought from Kindergarten to Postgraduates. We start out doing things wrong and we continue doing them wrong all through our Lives. Even when we hurt ourselves and others, sometimes our actions causes Fatalities, yet we saw nothing wrong in our behavior.





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Motorcyclist jailed for deadly Port Richey hit-and-run crash |

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