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Shared Article from AOL: U.S. judiciary, shaped by Trump, thwarts his election challenges


In the Justice System where I work, there are Two pending Cases of Two Juveniles. Both Nine years old, One for Murder the other for attempted Murder. Personally I thought that they would be the most Resonating Cases of my Lifetime. But Trump appointing 53 Federal Appeals Judges and Three Supreme Court Justices, all in a Preconceived notions that they worked for Him, and not the People of the United States. The Judges by being Impartial and Objective shows Jurisprudence, and has Restored my Faith in our Justice System. God Bless America.



Justice Roberts is an Extraordinary Figure, I don’t think he is playing Politics. I believe that he is a Consummate Professional.



Follow the Link below and be Blown away by our Justice System working……

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