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My Own Man



My Own Man

Rendering an Opinion is expressing your own Thoughts. There is a big Difference in Rendering as opposed to Echoing someone else’s. Rendering means that you are an Independent Thinker capable of formulating your own Thoughts and you don’t have Clone Mentality. It’s absolutely uncanny that when your Parents are Teaching and Training you that you don’t Recognize what they were trying to accomplish, until you all Grown up yourself. My Mother have never tried to Clone my Thinking to Her’s, even when I was Hell bent on self-destruction. She allowed me to burn myself out on that Path, until I came full circle with my Thinking.

That Training goes as far back to four years old, when I told her that I was cold she never told me that it was eighty Degree, how can you be cold. When I told her that I wasn’t hungry, she never told me that you haven’t eaten all Day, yes you are hungry and you are going to eat. That type of interaction went on all the way through our Lives. She was molding me into an Independent Thinker, which was oblivious to me. I always thought she was easygoing and soft. Like when I was fourteen and she found my Ounce of Weed. She didn’t go off the Deep End, several Days later she sat me down and Communicated with me. One of the Questions she ask me was, do you want to be a Bum or a Respectable Person that People looks up to.

She continued, the People you are Running with aren’t for you, doing what they are doing smothered your Individuality. I didn’t Raise you to Succumb to Peers Pressure, you are your own Person doing what they do makes you their Puppet. My God that Woman was wiser than Solomon. She had crafted a Passageway to my Mind. Whatever Problem I had throughout Life I could Discuss it with her, even Women trouble. During that Discussion she used a Phrase that stuck with me all my Life, ” Like Minded People” as soon as she uttered those Words, Zombies flashed in my Head. From there on I knew that I was an Independent Thinker.

I knew that I would never be one of the Mass, I wouldn’t belong to a Political Party, associated maybe, but not belong, no one Dictates to me. Even in my Work Life , once I learned my job and knew what was expected of me, leave me alone. I also knew that I would never join a Gang or a Cult. Today Party Affiliation resembles Cult to me. For Forty Seven years I have wondered why did I turned down the Offer to work for Organized Crime, making Huge Money atTwenty years old. Mother’s work was done, I was an Independent Thinker. The Neighborhood Drug Dealer who owned many six Stories Thirty Units Buildings, tried to make me like him, Filthy Rich. Today I am Poor and work in a Justice System and not Residing in a Cell.

The Black Muslims of Malcolm X tried to Indoctrinate me, they failed. The Black Panther Party tried to Recruit me they also failed. When you are an Independent Thinker you are Impervious to bad choices and Propaganda. No one can Whip you into a frenzy with Sugarplums and Misinformation. Four Days from my Twenty First Birthday, On November 18, 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. All that did was to strengthen my Convictions not to be a Follower and let myself get Duped by some Charismatic Talker.

As I have said Over and again I have spent my entire Life Learning from other People’s Mistakes. 1933 the Beleaguered German People filled Stadiums Listening to a Characteristic Speaker. They decided to break away from thei’r Democratic Style Government and Elected the Charismatic Speaker as Chancellor, look at the Chaotic outcomes. I guess that was the Birth of Heard Mentality. It’s always a difficult task to break from the Norm, but it’s the only way to be truthfully Free. My Wife puts it Best ” You came into this World alone and you will leave it alone” I say you’ve got one Life to Live, don’t let someone else live your Life and don’t live someone else’s Life. As you know I don’t like beating my Gums more than necessary to get my Point across whatever you didn’t hear me say , is for you to Figure out. So I am ending it on the lite side. John Smith’s first Day in School was a Tear Jerker. The Teacher introduced herself and began Roll call. When she got to John, she called his name several times, he never answered. All the other kids were accounted for, so she walked over to the only Kid that wasn’t accounted for and asked him, are you John Smith? He answered yes. The Teacher asked him how come he didn’t answer Roll call, he replied that’s not what my Mother call me. The confused Teacher asked him what does she call you, He replied, Dumb Ass. So there you have the Moral for being an Independent Thinker, no one can call you that. Last Word goes to my favorite Thinker. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~ Albert Einstein.


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