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When it comes to Respiratory Protection, I have spent many Hours reading the Book in the above Picture. The Book is over one Thousand Pages, it is the Workers Handbook for handling Asbestos, Respiratory Protection is vastly discussed. It is said that no one Person can know everything. However I believe it was Einstein who said that ” Wisdom is not a Product of Schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”. One of my High School Teachers riveted the Thought. She said that I should never stop Learning even when Schooling is finished. That’s why I became one of the Greatest Do it Yourself Person. I Thought myself to fix Cars, Electric Appliances, Buildings and how to Live and protect myself from Ill Health Effects.


O.S.H.A’s Recommendations from the above Manual. This Paragraph is about protecting your Lungs from sucking in Asbestos Particles. However a Mask protect your Lungs from many things including a Virus Droplet attached to a Dust Particle, that can stay Airborne for a long time.

I could go on with Technical Jargon for the remainder of this Blog, I never did like talking Shop except to People who are Versed in its Field. I never talk to a one year old in Baby Talk, I speak to then in regular speaking Tone so they can learn Language. That’s why I am finished with the Technical Jargon. When I worked in Hazmat I followed Procedures to the Letter. Many of my Coworkers thought that I was a Fanatic for not removing my Mask and having a Cigarette with them In the Work area. I have even witnessed a Supervisor eating Asbestos to prove to the Crew that it wasn’t as Dangerous as O.S.H.A said it was. He has been resting in the same Grave for the past twenty years. Twenty years is the Latency period for the Exposure of your Lungs to Asbestos to Manifest Symptoms of the Disease Asbestosis.



One Month ago I had a Complete Physical, including Colonoscopy and Chest Xray from Numerous Angles. All the Results came back Negative. Even though I have been Smoking since fourteen and Handled Dangerous Materials, my Lungs have not been Compromised. Mostly, the Lord looks out for Babies and Fools, secondary I have always wore a Mask when required. The way the Virus is spreading is directly the outcomes of Circumnavigation of wearing a Mask in Public. The Virus is rampant in the Courthouse where I work. The first Day that the Pandemic was announced, I went to work wearing a Mask. Months before the first case was discovered in the Building. Since then many of my Coworkers have Tested Positive, two of them I had direct contact with.


Proper Hygiene is the Answer


I once Facetiously asked one of them, if we all are going to Die. He answered, no just some of us. He tested negative, yet Sick for a good while, H.R. forced him to get tested again, this Time, Positive. They both thought I was overreacting with the Mask wearing. One Department is totally Inundated, there can’t be less than thirty cases in this one Area. I see the Sanitization Crews come in and Fog the Building more frequently than not. This week someone told me about a Coworker who was in the Hospital for Two Months, they are now Home and is still struggling with Symptoms and Backlash of the Virus. Hello! Do I have your Attention about the Importance of wearing a Mask. If Joe Biden tells me that I should wear a Mask to Bed to protect my Wife, then it’s a done Deal.


Taking the Misguided Approach to wearing a Mask is Equivalent to following the Pied Piper to a Road where the Bridge is missing. If I was Joe I would not take Residence in the White House until the place was Bleached and Fogged. The President said that Children were just about Immune to the Virus. Last Week a Kindergarten Died from Covid19, three months ago in my Neighborhood an Eleven years old and a Seventeen years old. These are Prime Physical Specimens of Health, so what are my chances for survival with preexisting conditions.  Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart, 99.9% of the People there were wearing a Mask, the .1% Agnostics there was an Older Man and his Wife, the other Fractions were People wearing thei’r Mask incorrectly, exposing thei’r 👃 Nose. What I like the most about Freedom and Rights, we all have the Right to be Stupid and Ignorance is Free. Parting Words, Health Officials, Doctors and Hospitals are on the Brink of Panic, please do your part in Saving someone else’s Life, even if you don’t care about your Own.



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