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Power To The People



The World's Greatest Daredevil


Power To The People

The raised Fist have been vastly misconstrued. The raised Fist first symbolized Black Power by the Black Panther Party. But as Time went by with Dr King preaching of unity and the Rainbow Collation, it became Power to the People. As in the Downtrodden People of the World, and was seen in Places like South Africa when Nelson Mandela came on the Scene and Places like Uganda when  they Rebelled. I noticed Trump flashing the raised Fist many times and it didn’t occur to me what was the significance. Then I saw Joe Biden flashed it at a post Elections Address. Then my little Mind started Conferring with my figurative Mind.

When Joe flashed it, it meant Victory to the People. When Trump flashed it means Power to the People, his People. In other words White Power. How Divisive for a World Leader to Embrace Isolationism. Because that is exactly what Supremists like Hitler advocated for the Airon People being the Supreme Race. My God how many America are there. Why is United even in its Reference, when you have so many America in the United States. You have the Lone Star State, the Union Jack, Black America, White America and Trump Nation. What keeps this Country from a Civil War is beyond me. I have always considered America to be the Melting Pot of the World, starting when the Mayflower Docked at Plymouth Rock. The Africans were brought here against thei’r will their Sweat took us from the Agricultural Age into the Industrial Age.

Germany’s Scientific Refugees brought thei’r Technical Advantage. The Japanese and Asians brought 3G and 4G Technology. A little bit from all Walks made America the Greatest Nation in the World, because it took the Best and Brightest from every Corner of the Globe. Why wouldn’t it become the Greatest Nation on the Planet, it borrowed a little resource from every Nation. Now you have Inadequate Thinkers Preaching Separatism and closed Doors Policies dealing with Some of the Best and Brightest from Latin America. What Hypocrisy knowing that the closest to a True American is the Native American, and look what happened to them. Get your Head together People there is no better time for Reconciliation. America is an Immigration Melting Pot, that’s how the Country was Born.

The way Kramer burst into a Room is how a lot of People thinks, Bodacious, get over yourselves. As the Judge would say ” from the Results of this Paternity Test, you are not the Father” just another Surrogate, a Dooner from the World Bank. Who are you to become a Game Changer, when the Mayflower wrote the Book. I forgot to Mention the other America, My America, the one the Founding Fathers Drafted. It is now Two Am the Day after America have spoken,  now I am going to speak ” Stop the Bickering and let’s put this Country back on the right Track” Division is a Divisive 🔧 Tool. I could take this untill the Sun comes up, but that’s not me, I say what I have to say with as few words as possible. Now I do to you what my English Literature Teacher did to me. What is the Author not saying? Like Drae said keep thei’r Heads Ringing. It’s Two Am and I wanted to get this out before the Results, I am tired so if there are any Typos, so be it,Goodnight!

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