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Three Seeds




Three Seeds

When I was young my Mother told me that she feared that one Day someone would kidnap me. The reason for her Fear she Explained, was that I was the most Loving and trusting Child she had ever seen. She continued saying that I gravitated to People, telling me how I would jump in the Arms of total Strangers. Over the years growing up it has puzzled People how thei’r Children Gravitated to me. I could pick up a Wailing Child, hold them for a short while, speak a few comforting words and they would stop crying. In my High School Drama class I had to give up my part playing George in Our Town. I could never make it through the end of the Play without crying.

My Teacher explained to me that the reason for that was that I possessed what is known as Empathy. The same way a Child can be Born with Prodigious Skills one can be Born with Empathy and a Tremendous capacity to Love. What happens to steal that capacity along the way growing up is nothing short of Criminal. When a child is Born their Minds, Soul, Temperaments and their entire Being is a Blank sheet of white Paper. What is written on it by thei’r Parents, thei’r Environment and others they encounter in life, Dictates how they live the rest of their Lives. In one of my earlier Blogs Titled The Palm Tree, I explained how I picked up four Palm Seeds and planted them. Three Seeds were planted outside in the harsh Florida Tropical Environment.

As soon as they Budd from Seedlings they all Died. The fourth Seed was planted on my enclosed Porch, in a Rainforest setting. After four years of living and flourishing in the proper Environment. The Roots are strong and if I decided to transfer it outside, one Day one Hundred years from Now it will provide Shelter for the Seeds it Sheads. If Children are exposed to Harsh Toxic Environment, they struggle with Relationships and Wither in Society and life in general, without strong Convictions. Remember that Wealth and Success is not only Measured in Financial Gains. Take a look at O.J. Aaron Hernandez, Bill Cosby and Mike Epstein. ” Teach your Children well and know they Love you”.

I am forever invoking the Story of a young Man awaiting Execution. Called his Mother to come close to his Cell, so he could whisper in her Ear, he bit it off rebuking her, that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder. The Seeds you Plant can grow into a Healthy Palm Tree or a Thorny Bush. I could end this Blog right here but I know that People like a Panoramic view of everything, so I will continue. Nineteen Seventy Seven I had the Educational Experience to have met a Man, whose Worth at that Time was five Hundred Million, We spoke for over an Hour. He said that Money could either be a Blessing or a Curse, what you do with it is what’s important. He continued saying that Money is only a Tool to do good things.

During the Conversation he explained to me that when his two Sons Graduated College. He did not give them Offices next to him on the twenty sixth floor of his Conglomerate. He instead gave them jobs in the lowest level of one of his Entities, a Road Construction Company. Laying Asphalt in one Hundred and thirteen Degrees Weather in Texas. I asked him why so Crude, he Explained that they would eventually Inherit his Dynasty. However he didn’t want them to Develop Rock Star Mentality and that he wanted to teach them Humility and the Value of a hard earned Dollar. None of them turned out like Jared Kushner, an Airhead, expressing Views he knows nothing about, ” Success” having everything handed to him.

That Encounter Thought me not to sell my Soul for Money, and to be careful of what I asked for.  That same year I returned to New York, Organized Crime offered me a job as a Courier, Delivering Kilos. The starting Salary was five Thousand Dollars Weekly, with Potential to grow in the Organization. My Upbringing was the only thing that kept me from Accepting the Offer. When I Bought my first Home, I told my Wife that if I had taken the Offer, from then to now the two Tier House would be packed with nothing but Money, not being able to put it in a Bank. With my Inguinity, today I would be a Kingpin and my Soul would have belonged to Satan. Today I credit my Success to my Mother, she told me that if you walk in Filth you certainly will Stink.


She also told me that the Decisions I made when I am young, I would have to live with them for the rest of my Life. I have been Fortunate to have had Great Teachers in my Life. In High School one of them told me that I should never stop Learning, when you stop, your Brain start to Die. I draw Parallel to what Archie would call Michael ” Meathead”, nothing Grows in a Comfort Zone. Further drawing Parallel, being Complacent with Society thinking what can one Person do, being silent Deaf and Blind, amounts to Acceptance and Approval. I am still the same trusting Person, only Age have made me Cynical as to whether everyone can be trusted to look out for my Best Interests. Finally working through Difficult Times should make us Better, not Bitter!

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