Shared Webpage from AOL: CDC criticizes White House medical adviser’s discredited mask claim

I have no Idea why the C.D.C. only Maintains that the Mask dosent protect the Wearer from contracting the Virus by way of Airborne droplet particles. It Maintains that it only keeps the Infected Person from spreading it. I totally disagree with that Stance. When I worked in Hazmat I learned that there are Different Filters for Different Substances for example Chemicals, Vapors, Spiral Asbestos Particles and Dust. A cloth Mask is more than sufficient to capture a Droplet attached to a Dust Particle. In other words If you wear a Mask in an Elevator that someone who is infected just Sneezed I am just about 100% sure that you are safe. Ten years Experience working with Hazardous Materials such as Asbestos and Mercury and I am still here with no ill Health Effects. Do you think that I am going to let a Virus take me down. I have been wearing a Mask in the Courthouse before the CDC made the Recommendations. That was since the first Week of March. Since then there have been Numerous Cases including close Associates. Yet I am still Standing. Do not Listen to the Pied Pipers, Wear your Mask when in Public!!!!!!!!

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