Shared Article from AOL: COVID-19 could spread by airborne transmission: CDC

Six Months ago I posted several Blogs warning of the Dangers of Airborne Micro Particles and the need for wearing a Mask. I learned that many years ago while working in Hazmat, I learned that Confined spaces such as Elevators and Airplanes Micro Particles of Germs attached to a Dust Fiber could linger for Days in a confined Space. I have been wearing a Mask since the first Week of March. I just Read that in the Month of March Airlines didn’t require the wearing of Mask on Flights. I further Read that one Flight to Vietnam, one Passenger infected fifteen fellow Passengers. The choice is yours, I made my choice to wear a Mask for eight Hours a Day while I was in the Courthouse where I work. I have seen them Fog the Building daily, we are still operating at ten percent. Why would I not wear a Mask.

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