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Propaganda is the most Powerful Disinformation Tool in the Arsenal of Mind Control. Used properly it eradicates free Thinking. The Romans used it against Jesus to justify Pontius Pilot’s Execution, so did Hitler to commit Genocide of Germany’s Jewish Citizens, PW Botha followed Suite. They all Indoctrinated their Constituents in order to carry out their Atrocities without Public Condemnation. Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions that differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions. ( Albert Einstein) These are the ones That are Sponges for the Propaganda Machine. They are incapable of formulating a single solitary Thought of their own, if they didn’t read it or weren’t told then it isn’t so.

A fluent Thinker formulates his own Opinions free of outside Influences. Sheeplike Mentality are afraid of the Truth and don’t seek it.

The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the pre-Columbian peoples of North, Central and South America and their descendants. They lived in what is now known as Florida for Hundreds of years before the Mayflower sailed. When the Mayflower arrived they found People who have been living here for Thousands of years. The Natives thought them how to survive in this new Land. Look at how they repaid them by refusing to share the Land. The Africans thought then how to Harvest the Land which took them into the Industrial Age.

A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life is based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving – Albert Einstein. I believe he is referring to the People who have made the World a Great place to live, America including. America have always been Blessed with Visionaries, Foreigners like the People of the Mayflower including. Today America is hurting for Visionaries. Human Rights is only a Propaganda Tool it never existed. Why do you think that Moses had to ask God to give him the Power to deliver his People. How many would have been Slaughtered if the Red Sea didn’t Retract. The reason for this Blog is that there are People who consider Affordable Health Insurance and Social Security to be Acts of Socialism.

The World's Greatest Daredevil

Will the real Independent Thinkers please stand up. My Wife is a Retired Federal Employee, that is the only way we could afford the Health Coverage that we have. It isn’t free each Month they take four Hundred and fifty Dollars from her Pension to pay for it. Yet a Friend of mine who grows older each Day have no Health Insurance while he wears the Red Cap. In him I see the true meaning of Propaganda, Brainwashing. Einstein also said that the only thing more Dangerous than Ignorance is Arrogance, he further said that Tyrants keep the People Ignorant. I was barely fifteen when I decided that I wanted to work in the Neighborhood Supermarket.

To do so I had to go to the Department of Labor and get a Permit because of my Age, it stated how many Hours per Day I could work and how late. All through High School I worked, I have always been a Squirrel securing a Nut. I felt like a Man being fifteen bringing Money Home to support the Household. I dressed better than my Teachers and always had Money in my Pocket. At forty Social Security sent me a Letter telling me that all my Quarters were paid. That meant that if I quit working at forty and waited twenty three years I was Eligible for Social Security payments. I continued working up to Today, the next communication I received from them twenty years ago was that I had paid a Half a Million into the Fund.

I am still working at sixty seven, Social Security Penalized me for taking back some of my Money at sixty Three and further penalized me for making too much money from still working, that is an extra two Hundred Monthly that they take, that amounts to nine Hundred Dollars of my Money that they keep Monthly. You are going to make America Great? Go sell that Propaganda Elsewhere.  Killing Payroll Tax is sticking a Knife in my Back. God I Love Mr Morgan, he should run for President, he is the most Successful Attorney in Florida, he said when you have Lived long enough to get to our Age, you have earned the Right to Speak your Mind. Thanks WordPress for giving me the Platform.

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