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The way that People live their miserable Existence and interact with others, is enough for one to drop out of Society and become a Hermit. Many years ago while living in Pennsylvania, being a Nature lover, I would Hike uncharted Trails deep into the Woods. One Trail I charted for myself was a one and a half Mile incline only fitting the travels of a Billy Goat. At the bottom of this Gorge was a pristine Lake made by Nature, top of the up-climb was a Plateau of five Acres. Many times I contemplated buying and Building a Log Cabin. I knew that I was only dreaming, because my Wife hated the Woods. Regardless that is one of my secret Places far away from Bellicose People.

Yesterday I read an Article that gave Creditable reasoning for my Log Cabin. Right here in Florida, a seventy nine years old man who had lived in the same Home for twenty five years. Came Home one Day to find a Cinder Block Abutment erected two feet onto his Driveway and the Adjacent Property. The new Neighbor is said to be some kind of Minister, did I mention Bellicose. He bought the House, did his Survey of the Property and discovered that his Neighbor’s Driveway was two feet onto his five Acres Property. Without discussing it with the Man who have been living there for twenty five years, The Rambunctious Idiot threw up a Wall his first day of Ownership. I have seen on Police Drama Shows where bad Blood among Neighbors got ugly to the point of Murder.

Thank God that this Wall didn’t get to that point. Nonetheless it created a lot of Stress for a seventy nine years old Man trying to live out his remaining years in peace. The way we Live with each other never amazed me of the Underbelly of Life. Last Night coming Home at Twelve A .M. Something happened to me that I had to say, thank you Lord. As I have said over and again, I don’t go through life Blindfolded. I see things beyond the average Human Capabilities, I recognize such things as Inexplicable Occurrences. Things that can be perceived as signs from God. Before I left the House I had to use my portable Generator/ Compressor to put twenty one pounds of Air in one of my Tires.

I should have repaired the Tire right then and there, I had everything I needed to do it myself and it’s something that I do profeciently. I didn’t I just pumped it up, My Wife nags me all the Time that Men do things differently, she is right, they live on the Edge. As a result I had to pull off the Road coming Home and put more Air in the damaged Tire. While pumping up the Tire a Man Drove past me then backed up and asked me if I was ok. In these Dangerous Times that we are living in, that is something remarkable. If I was truly in need of help he was there for me. Isn’t that what this thing called Life is all about, looking out for each other, willing to lend a helping Hand.

So I said to myself thank you Lord for showing me that all is not lost when it comes down to Humanity, cause I would have done the same. Not even knowing if the Person was on the Run from the Law and would have Jacked the working Vehicle. That is the sign that my Soul needed in these Turbulent times of Race-baiting that we need each other and how Fragile we are. As the Song goes I need a Jukebox Hero, and there he was, regardless of Race, Color or Ethnicity. Thank you Lord for showing me that I should keep the Faith in My fellow Man because we’re are all not like that. It could have been a Car full of young Thugs willing to bashed my Brains in for the Change in my Wallet, but it wasn’t, it was my Guardian Angel. Talking about signs, I passed him along the way, then he passed me just before he made his turn off the Main Drag. I glanced in his Car and Focused on him looking for his Halo, all I saw was the Face of Love. As the saying goes I walk not just by Sight, but by Faith also. The Beetles said it Fifty years ago ” Come together right now over me”. I could go on and on about the Subject but I think that I have said a mouthful, as the Man said ” Read my Lips”. Parting Words,  “Games Without Frontiers, War without Tears” . Here are the Lyrics from my Favorite Song by my Favorite Group.

By Through The Roots

Where are we going

Look where we’ve been

Ignoring the signs

Blinding our eyes

Where will it end

We can live in the light

Or hide in the darknes

We continue to fight

Though we didn’t start this

And it’s killing me

See this world that we share

Painted by artists

Placing strokes without care

Think it’ll be easy to find some peace in a world but we’re are all just fighting each other

But a perfect pitch has a perfect plan and it’s not just a crushing of color

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that life is a canvas its all part of something bigger

Constantly changing with the times an ever evolving figure

What will it take to walk hand in hand change with the times and understand

Make harmony what’s unity

Erase the meaning of a foreign land

Now it’s a world with no borders

Demanding a new world order

Imagine that we never had to read another story of a life cut short by a murder

It should be easy to find some peace in a world since we all share this place with each other

Its up to us to spread the love around

We’ve got to support one another

Can you hear my voice as I’m crying out

This is the movement, so move with me now, now

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We will rise higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we come together

We can get higher, higher, higher

I believe that if we stand together

We can rise higher, higher, higher

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Dwight Duncan / Troy Barrington Mclean / R. Mcleod / Carl Mcleod / Dwight Marvin Duncan / Carlton Oliver Mcleod / Raymond Mcleod / Raymond Vincent Mcleod

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