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The Sickness




The Sickness

1972 was my last year in High School, that meant I was old enough to join the Army drink Alcohol without sneaking and have wild Promiscuous Sex. Wild Promiscuous Sex was the Norm during the Hippie Culture, ” Love the one you’re with” Condoms were for those practicing Plan Parenthood. Then one Day somewhere around 75 the Word on the Street was ” The Sickness” People showing up at Hospitals with a Rare form of Pneumonia among other Illnesses. The Sickness was believed to be a Homosexual Disease, it didn’t have a Name until 1983 when Scientists discovered its Origins and gave it a Name, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

We now knew that the Sickness was a Virus that attacked the Immune System pretty much the same way Covid19 does. Many People had Died and we still weren’t taking it Seriously. I remembered my Best Friend and I meeting two young Woman at the Club and taking them Home for a Night of Promiscuity. No one asked who had the Condoms, this was during the onset of the Sickness, before it became an Epidemic. 1977 I was living with my Cousin in Texas. At that time I was big on Fashion, I knew enough to fabricate a Shirt and Trousers, but I wanted to learn her Craft. She was a Gifted Seamstress who made Clothes for the likes of Jackie O.

While there in Texas I met one of her Customers, he was worth over five Hundred Millions, so I know that she was the Real Deal with a Gift that I wanted to Learn. Her Husband was once one of the Rich and Famous, until Castro took it all away when he Nationalized all Foreign Interest and took away all the Rich Cubans Money. However Jose never lost his Aire of Aristocracy, he was a Player to the end. With a Wife in Texas who supported him to the Tune of Fifty Grand Annually. He had Women and Boys all the way to Miami. My Wife always Rebuked me that I should never Speak Ill of the Dead. She had Gold in her Fingertips and no Brains. She worked while he didn’t, he spent all his time chasing Ass, Girls and Boys.

So why was I not surprised when he came down with the Sickness and Died six Months after our Eyes last seen each other. One year later I looked into my Cousin’s Eyes for the last time in Bellevue Hospital. I guess they both didn’t believe in wearing a Raincoat in the Storm known as A.I.D.S. It was then that I learned the Importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment, Example, the Mask. While laying in her Death Bed she gave a Nerve Rattling Cough, I guess the Virus was Devouring her Lungs. I looked down her Throat and there wasn’t any Red Skin Tissues, everything had the Color of Death, Gray. Yet another Lesson learned, a Virus can eat you alive. Twenty Two years later with a new Sickness, why would I not wear a Mask with my preexisting COPD and early Emphysema. Last Words, ” A Wise Man knows when to take Shelter from the Storm” no Matter what the Populace say or do, wear your Mask and keep a Condom handy. Forget about the Morbid Humor, I am trying to make a point here about the absolute Necessity of Personal Protection Equipment. Think about it, back in the Days of Tuberculosis if you went in a Room where someone was sick, you became Ill from breathing the same Air.



Shared Article from Aol: Alyssa Milano says her Virus Symptoms still Linger.

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