I Chose to Die Another Day

Proper Hygiene is the Answer

Smart Gamblers do not Bet on anything they have no Bearing on the Outcomes, Not wearing a Mask is taking a Gamble. Sometimes I Honestly Believe that in many Instances I have walked in the Light, the many times that I have Cheated Death bears me out. Working in a Justice System is as Public as it gets. Since the Lockdown I haven’t missed One Day of work, while People around me test positive every Day and are Quarenteed. Many of them came to work for fourteen Days before showing Symptoms. They touched the same Elevator Buttons and Door Handles that I did. One Morning I woke up to the News that a Cruise Ship was Anchored off the Coast of Florida with many sick People on it. Interjecting that Sailing a Ship is an Acquired Skill, Keyword, Judgement.

The Captain of the One Hundred Foot Vessel, The Christina used poor Judgement. He decided to take the Vessel through the Eye of a Hurricane, Sinking it while losing one Hundred Lives. Draw your own Conclusions about Ringing the Bell and Responsible Leadership. On the Ship Sitting in Limbo off the Florida Coast was ninety Sick People,  no one Knew the Symptoms, or their Origins. Four Months later I ask myself, of the Ship’s large Bookings, how many showed no Symptoms and so bypassed Quarantine. During that same Time, a light went on in my Head, telling me that this is the Beginning of something Big. After working in Hazmat for many years I learned about Pathogens, Mold , Bacteria and the many different Passages of Ingestion.

Years ago as a result of Smoking I was told that smoking causes your Cilias to lay down instead of standing straight inside of your Exapegust standing straight in order to catch Foreign Objects entering your Respiratory System. Another thing I learned also was to Clean Hygienically, to control Spread. After watching the News about those Illfated Passengers. I Launched My own Personal Sanitization Program on myself and the Court House, two Football Fields long, by four Stories. My first Plan of Action, I Mapped out a Route of Traveling between Floors, then I Designated which Bathroom and Lunch Rooms that I would use. I started my Sanitization Program by wiping down the Handrails in my Travels with a Product that lists that it kill Covid19.

I moved on to wiping down every touchable Surfaces including Door Knobs and Elevator Buttons. The Entire Housekeeping Department looked at me Queer, as If I was Creating work for them. As a result of being in the High Risk Group with Existing Factors, I had no Choice but to protect myself, the Others in the Building only Benefited from my Efforts. Tuesday June 22 , I came to work and learned that one of my Coworkers came to work for two Hours with a Fever of 102 after being off the previous Day. She was sent directly to be tested, came back Positive Three Days later, she is Sick. A week earlier I learned that the Prison fifty Yards away is Ravaged. A month ago a worker in the Building told me that he tested Positive after being tested Negative.

He was someone I shared Space less than Social Distancing. Three Months earlier he had said something smart about me wearing a Mask. There you have it, the Motivation for this Blog. Protecting yourself. As I write, the Buildings are being Fogged Daily. Let me Spell it out, I am in a Hot Bed of Lava. My Coworker who is sick and I handled one particular Phone Daily, I always use the Intercom. The other Guy I sat across from on a Picnic Bench has recovered, who knows how many he infected. If I wasn’t practising good Sanitization and wearing a Mask I definitely would be Sick. Here are Excerpts from An Aol Story……Negative comments started rolling in immediately. Some were patient, explaining to Gilles that Starbucks employees are simply following protocol, while some were less kind. Gilles fueled commenters by responding to some of them. “Masks are stupid and so are the people wearing them,” she wrote in one such post. Well since public Places started reopening in Florida, we have hit a one day Record of ten Thousand positive cases. Sure only Stupid People like me wear a Mask while I am surrounded by Sick People.

This is absolutely Killing me , knowing that four Months ago I Posted a Blog, Titled The Mask.  No one Heard me being the Town Crier. After doing Hazmat Work I know the Importance of Protecting yourself. Last Night I watched the Cuomo Show,  He and a Guest complained about not fully recovering from Covid19. The Guest who was fully Healthy before she contacted Cov19, now she travels with a Rescue Inhaler and gets Respiratory Therapy. If that’s not enough reason for me to wear a Mask to sleep to protect my Wife, considering that I go into a Building that is Hot everyday, I could be Sick and show no Symptoms. There you have the Gist of this Blog. Protection from me, Protection from you. Talking about Leadership, if it was Mandated to wear a Mask from the Onset, there would have been no reason for a Shutdown of the Country. In the Building that I work ninety percent of the Workers haven’t worked in four Months, over one Thousand People. Not wearing a Mask is taking a big Gamble.

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