The System

Working in a Courthouse gives me a Bird’s-eye view into the lives of my Fellow Man. The complexities of the Human Psyche leaves me dumbfounded, trying to figure out why people are the way they are. For instance a nine years old who is awaiting Trial for the Attempted Murder of his Sister. Even closer to home one of my Coworkers whose Son fights his Sisters and his Teachers. In her case I have assessed the problem to be that she doesn’t spend enough time with her Children. Also she have never heard of Intervention. The Courts have also contributed to the decline in the Family Structure. The Family Court is always busy with Delinquents filing charges against their Parents.

Many times the Court sides with the Accuser. Can you imagine having a Child who belongs in a Juvenile Detention Facility, but out of Love you deal with the challenges. My Mother was the classic example with me. She stood by me and gave me time to see the Evil of my ways. In my case I was an exception to the rule of Rehabilitation, I had a figurative Mind. I also knew Boundaries and Consequences. With Today’s Parenting there are no Boundaries or Consequences. Last week I noticed a Woman with her Daughter and Granddaughter on the second floor. The Child was acting up, the Mother did nothing to scold the Child. Minutes later she was arguing with her Mother while the Child observed. At one point she told her Mother F**k you, the Child took it all in.

As far as Consequences are concerned my Mother could be ninety years old, she would have smacked me in the Head with her Cane. The Courts would consider that to be Child Abuse. If so you tell me what is a Parent to do with a Child who Verbally abuse you in Public. Worsening the insult by going home eating your food and living under your Roof for free.  Grandma X was the perfect example. Her Daughter who wasn’t ready to be a Parent, had a Son at seventeen. Unwilling to give up the Street Life, she Abandoned her Child on her Mother at one years old. Eight years later he Killed Na Na stabbing her twelve times. He also awaits Trial in the Justice System where I work. Working here gives me more than I need to Write about, but it plays Havoc on my Psych.

The Streets are more Dangerous than a Battlefield with People filled with Repressed Anger. Two years earlier in the same Courthouse a case was tried. Two Men arguing about a parking spot, one Man pushed the other to the Ground. Taking advantage of the Stand your Ground Law, the Man on the Ground shot and killed the young Father. It appears to me that both had repressed Anger. The killer had a Reputation of having many Confrontations, yet he carried a Gun, he was found Guilty. These are the Dangers that Society have to deal with. Children who weren’t raised properly, ticking Time Bombs with their repressed Angers. I don’t have to read Publications, I Live it. The Courts and many in the Clinical Psychology Profession are quick to Label these Crimes to be caused by Mental Illnesses.

What they fail to acknowledge is, grinding an ax for way too long, one Day you will use it. That isn’t Mental Illness, that is Deviant behavior allowed to run Amuck. When I myself was a Deviant, my Mother dished out Tough Love, knowing that the Path that I was Traveling would put me in the Justice System, not working in it. One Day she told me a Story, fifty years later I still don’t believe it. Regardless the Story hit Home. She said, there once was a young Man on his way to be Executed, he called his Mother to his Cell. He asked her to come close, he then bit her Ear off, telling her, that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder. At twelve years old I almost committed Murder. Playing Soccer I stepped on the injured Foot of a seventeen years old.

He punched me in the Solar Plexus, cutting off my wind. On his way Home riding his Motorcycle, I strung a Rope across the Roadway. His Bike crashed and Burned, he wore a Neck brace for nine Months. So why do I find it so hard to believe that a nine years old can Commit Murder, when I look at him I see Myself. The difference between us is having a Mother like Mine. At fourteen when she found out that I was a big Pothead. She didn’t go off the Deep End. Instead she Indoctrinated me about Gateway Drugs. She also Indoctrinated me about Crime and Punishment, Boundaries and Consequences. So here I am Today working in a Justice System and not being in a Justice System. Hoping that one young Inmate read my Blogs. Howell Emanuel Donaldson who is awaiting Trial for four random Murders in Seminole Heights Florida visited my Website. It’s too late for him but I hope he shared the Link with the other one Thousand Residents. I consider myself the Smart one, at Fourteen I had two bad Fights that could have ended with Murder. Since then I never had another Fight for the rest of my Life. I am a firm Believer that we are exactly who we chose to be in Life. You can’t blame your Parents and Society for your Shortcomings.

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