Velenamous Neighbors



The World's Greatest Daredevil


Rosewood USA

Once upon a time in a Mythical Place called Florida, newly freed Slaves settled in a Mythical Place called Rosewood Florida. What’s up with all this Mythical Talk you ask? What transpired in Rosewood should only happen in a Mythological setting. The Town was settled in the year 1847 by both Blacks and whites under the Jim Crow Laws( Black only- White only) that law ruled till 1968. That goes to show how Racist America hold on to its Diehard Bigotry, old Habits die hard,  old Confederate Soldiers fade away. Anyway Rosewood’s main Economy Dissipated in the late 1800 and the White Population decimated by 1890. That left 200 People all Black except for one white family that ran the General Store.

See they will take your Money, but no Respect while you Patronize their Stores. In the Summer of 1923 Fannie Taylor who was having an Affair with a White Man and whose Dalliance probably got rough. She ended up with Bruises she couldn’t explain to her Husband. Counting Ten untill her Lover was in safe Distance, she began screaming. When her Neighbor responded they found Fannie covered with Bruises. She told them that she was Assaulted by a Black Man. However she did Stipulate that she wasn’t Raped. The countless number of Black Men who were Tortured and killed on the word of Thousands of Fannies is an American Legacy.To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee centres on Atticus Finch’s attempts to prove the innocence of Tom Robinson, a black man who has been wrongly accused of raping a white woman in 1930s Alabama.

The White Woman Syndrome continues to May 2020. A white Woman walking her Dog in Central Park was admonished by a Black Man about keeping Social Distance. She whipped out her Cellphone and called the NYC Police and reported that she was threatened by a Black Man. That was more than enough reason for him to receive a Bullet to the Head. It happened to Randy Evans 1972, he was only Fifteen, it also happened to Travon Martin seventeen years old 2013, not far from Rosewood Florida. One Hundred years after the Mob defending Fannie Taylor’s Honors destroyed every Building in Rosewood, including the Churches. The Mob was accompanied by the Ku Klux Clan, five Hundred strong, another American Legacy. Over twenty Black People lost their Lives.

Twenty five Children escaped the Carnage by running into the Woods. Talking about Home Grown Terrorism, another American Legacy since 1794 against Blacks. Again a Government by the People for the People, except the Black People. A Government who have sat on their Hands for four Hundred years while the Genocide continues to May 2020 in (Rosewood) Minneapolis. Where a Black Man was Murdered while in Handcuffs by someone whose Tax Dollars paid the Murderer’s Salary. The Children of Rosewood USA rose up one Hundred years after they escaped into the Woods to save their Lives. They took to the Streets pretty much the same way the French did 1750 and relieved Marie Antoinette of her Head. The Children of Rosewood have taken to the Streets the World ovre yelling “I can’t Breathe”.

The Beleaguered Leader of Rosewood USA rants, let them eat Bullets, send in the Military. Little did he know that after the Military killed the first Hundred, the Civil War is On. Americans with Bitch Attitudes have always thought that that they could mess with the World, with Impunity. Vietnam proved them wrong. A Conventional Army is defenceless against Guerrilla Warfare. Lieutenant Callie proved to them that the only way to win a Guerilla War is to kill them all. He was a US Army Lieutenant who walked into a Vietnamese Village and Killed everything that moved, Children and Grandparents including. If there are any survivors no matter how Impartial, from seeing all the Brutality, they now become the Combatants.

The Birth of Terrorism in the Middle East proves that Theory. America have casted a Blind Eye on White Extremists Home Grown Terrorism for four Hundred years. Now you want to kill the Terrorized with the Military. Shame is another American Legacy. As many of my Readers know I work in a County’s Justice System. As I sat on one of the upper Floors looking down on the Retention Pond. A Solitary Duck was Swimming with the Pond all to himself. A law enforcement Officer approached the Window. He pointed out what I was observing and said, I guess that if you can’t get along with your Velenamous Neighbors, then I guess it’s better to live by yourself. What an Anology for the sequence of Events that has transpired in the past two Weeks. Did I mention no Shame, no Remorse and no Repentance. He was Preaching drawing a Line through this Country, Whites only / Blacks Only. From 1968 to present Day I have seen Dramatic Changes in this Country. I may be Naive but I believe that for the most, People of all Colors and Races wants to get along and Live in Harmony. The same People who put Jesus on the Cross are the same People here today talking about Velenamous Neighbors. My Anology of his Anology, if you corner a House Cat and taunts it with a Stick it will Roar like a Lion and Claws like one. This Kitty has been poked for four Hundred years, by now it should be a Raving Psychopath. Now you call me Velenamous. How many Roads must a Wise man Travel and how many Rivers must he swim to escape The Wrought of your Hate. Velenamous you say?

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