Old Dogs



Old Dogs 🐕

Listening to the Group Tribal Seeds, the Song goes we don’t need to play for anyone. I said to myself what a Beautiful thought. Musicians saying that they don’t need to play for anyone. In other words they are contented jamming without an Audience. Then I reflect on my Daily Commute. There isn’t one single Day that I don’t encounter someone performing behind the Wheel. Well my Friend if you are so shallow that this is your only Stage in Life, that’s very sad. There are so many Platforms to Shine on in this Life, for instance I am at the Checkout and the Person in front of me tells the Cashier to add my items to Her Bill. Passing on good Vibes is my favorite, whatever I can do to make someone’s Day Pleasant is an achievement for me.

Pissing off  People  cutting them off, jamming on your Brakes when you see the street number you are looking for is a Foolish way to Drive. Running the Gauntlet in Rush Hour Traffic is looking for Negligent Homicide. A Hole opens up and you gun the Engine is running the Gauntlet. Back in Olden Days running the Gauntlet left you battered, bruised and sometimes Dead. Always Driving like a Maniac is the motivation for this Blog. They say that you can’t teach an old Dog new Tricks, how true. After fifty years of Driving with Dimwitted People behind the Wheel, Commuting up to two Hundred miles Daily. I have learned that the only way to avoid Accidents is to not Drive in Packs. You either have to be up front with the Runners or in the back of the Runners.

Driving in the Pack with Lackadaisical preoccupied People in a Mental Lull, guarantees an Accident, sooner than later. People who have been Driving the same way all their Lives, with the attitude that they are in their Living Room. Driving in a Sing along Manner, ” Zip a do da Zip a di da”. Driving is a cutting-edge Activity, always sharp always focused. That’s how I covered Millions of Miles with zero Accidents charged to me with one Speeding Ticket. Every time I get behind the Wheel it’s Lights, Action, Camera, it’s like taking a Screen Test to Live out the rest of my Life without the Scars from a bad Accident. It will be a Life long project for me, trying to figure out why the Idiot only comes out while you are behind the Wheel. Seemingly Intelligent People loose it when they are behind the Wheel.

They Perform in a Negative way, trying to prove that they are as good as Dale Earnhardt, Rest his Soul. We don’t have to play for anyone. I know how good I truly am, I don’t blow Smoke up my own Exhaust, I blow it out. When I am on one of my Road Trips, I can Travel for five Hundred miles at eighty, never getting close to anyone and never having to use my Brakes. Last Summer I was Driving through Georgia at five PM, I couldn’t believe that there were two Idiots racing in Rush Hour Traffic, changing Lanes and weaving Traffic at eighty MPH. I said to myself I guess that the Idiot Mentality isn’t only in Tampa, but a National Dilemma. These People gets behind the Wheel and it’s like someone flips a Light Switch and up pops the Idiot.

They feel the need to always be performing on a Blacktop Stage. Sometimes the outcomes are Catastrophic. Nobody goes out there looking for an Accident, however your Driving do Facilitates the Events. Always having your heavy Foot on the Gas and treating your Steering Wheel like a Joystick in a Video Arcade, eventually end with Catastrophic results. Always Driving in a Lull Mindlessly will have the same results. Rush Hour nine A.M. I am leading the Pack on a three Lane Road in the City. The Driver behind me is always up on my Bumper, ten miles over the Limit. Did I mention Idiot Mentality? Over a two miles stretch there was room to pass every step of the way. Now we come to a Junction where Traffic merges to the Left, while Traffic merges onto this Road to the right.

The Lulled Tailgater zips to my left then cut me off and ran the Gauntlet for ten seconds. The Traffic slowdown to its regular Rush Hour pace, where was the gain? Showing me that she was all that. When we came parallel I glanced in the Car, I see a Person up in Age with Gray to prove, She’s been Driving  that way for forty years, a Performer. How are you going to teach Tricks to an Old Dog? It can’t be done. Regardless I will never stop beating the Drums about bad Drivers, there are so many of them out there. They never realized how Atrocious their Driving is until the Jaws of Life have to cut them out of the Wreckage. Finally, drive like I do, drive to Live.

One of my Neighbors killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife has permanent Scars
The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.

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