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Proper Hygiene is the Answer

The Mask

Mr Morgan who happens to be the most Prominent Attorney in my Area, says that when you Live long enough to get to our age. You have earnd the right to speak your mind on any Platform. I don’t care who is with me or as my Illiterate Great Grands would say agin( against) me. Fortunately they had the Intelligence of knowing what Animals we could safely eat. In Huanan the People who frequented the Market where Covid19 crossed over from the slaughtering of Bats to Humans didn’t know that you shouldn’t eat Bats. Years ago another Pandemic came from the Slaughtering of Chimpanzees for Human consumption.

The Aids Epidemic had a good run because People were Ignorant and refused to use protection. The ignorance is once again with us. Very few of us are wearing Masks. The Danger is not in ignorance and fear but in the ignorance of not fearing the Danger. Staying at Home and Social Distancing is not the answer. Wearing a Mask and Sanitization is. When I was Certified in Hazmat I learned that wearing a Mask was one of the most Fundamental practices to protect you from Micro Particles. If someone Sneezed in an Elevator five Hours earlier and the Virus attached itself to a Dust Particle, depending on it’s Molecular structure it stay Airborne indefinitely. Now you enter the Elevator which is considered to be a Confined area, not wearing a Mask.

At this rate there is no end in Sight for Covid19, why? The ignorance of not fearing the Danger. I was wearing a Mask and Sanitizing my hands after  touching anything that someone else touched three Months before anyone else in the Courthouse. Around the same time I went through the Building, four Stories each floor two Football Fields Long. I wiped the Crashbars, Door Handles, Elevator Buttons, Escalator Rails and Public Telephones with a Sanitizer recommended to kill Covid19. Many People thought that I was Stupid because this wasn’t my Job. Months later the Housekeeping Department was ordered to follow my Suit.

Four Months later I went to the Automated Teller at my Bank and someone was there wiping down the Machine, around the same time the Supermarket was wiping down the Carts. I have yet to see an Employee wiping down Door Handles and the Pump Handle at the Gas Station/ Convenience Store. Ignorance of the Danger. While the World is under Lockdown and the World Economy loose Trillions, I haven’t missed a Day of work. Locking down Countries brings us closer to Financial Collapse. They say that People makes the World go round, not true, Money makes the World go round. Ask the Millions applying for Unemployment Compensation. I once met a Man who had spent Hundreds of Thousands trying to save his Terminally ill Wife, he was now Flat Broke, he told me that he wished that he was the one Dying. That’s what Destitution do to People.

I had one Philosophy when I was unemployed, it is better to make fifty Cents an Hour than Zero Cents per Hour. We need to unlock the World, people need to get back to Work, equipped with Masks and Hand Sanitizer. Social Distancing do not protect you from Airborne Particles. It’s a shame that the CDC doesn’t make it mandatory to wear a Mask when you’re out in Public, If you choose not to wear one you should be forced to stay Home. My biggest fear about People who don’t wear a Mask is, its a Known fact that one can be Infected, yet shows no signs or Symptoms and go around spreading it Before coming down full blown. Save me from the Ignorance of not fearing the Danger. The Workplace and the Places we spend our Money should step up their efforts to protect us by following the Sanitary practices that I have established in the Building where I work. I gave my train of thought a rest fo one Hour while I go shopping at Wal-Mart, there I observed twenty five percent of the Shoppers wearing a Mask. On the way Home I stopped at the Gas Station/ Convenience Store, seven People inside including the Cashier, no one wearing a Mask, I rest my Case in disgust. I went Home and wiped down everything that I had purchased with sanitizer. The Lord helps those who help themselves, he also looks out for Babies and Fools. As the Song goes ” Save yourself, cause I can’t even save myself”.

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