Life Had Passed Them By

To say the least it’s bad for your Skin

Users are Loosers

They say that when you are facing your Mortality you see your whole Life flashing in front of you. It has been described to be as if you are watching a Movie on the big Screen in fast forward. Personally I have had so many close calls that what’s going on Today doesn’t leave me shaking in my Boots. Certainly I am concerned and careful, but I am not Dreadful of watching the Movie. The reason for that is I have seen so many Plays that the Players missed their Cues on how to live this wonderful thing called Life. As the years progressed we acknowledge all of the Emotions that we feel, Some makes us Great some destroys us. How we deal with them, charts our Lives. The only way I can figure it all out is, through Osmosis we absorb our Environment. Our Environment finds its way into our Souls, then we have no time for the things that really matters. We serve everything but God. We serve Material things such as Money, he made all of this for us, the Rivers, the Oceans,  the Mountains and all the Beauty around us . Not showing appreciation for all that Life has to offer we become distracted by all the frivolous sidetracks that surrounds us such as Drugs, Alcohol and Promiscuous behavior, all obsessively done. Growing up in the Seventies, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Ruled.

At Eighteen years old I learned that Moderation was the Key to a lot of things, including good Health and Longevity. I learned that from a Junkie, strange but true. While involved in the Production of a Fashion Show for the Graduating Class of 72 at Taft High School. I was Introduced to a Photographer, startlingly enough he used Heroine. I was amazed that he could still hold a Camera steadily enough to create the Great Portraits posted on the walls in his Studio. He reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe.Then one Day while watching him shoot-up, I noticed the Quantity he would put to Flames. Then I realized that he was just  Dabbled, he wasn’t hard core. Nontheless a Dangerous Preoccupation.

Growing up using the Premier Gateway Drug I learned that I could end up like Bob Marley or Bruce Lee. Without strict moderation I could easily ended up using the Chemicals popping up around me. Cocaine was just beginning to become widespread. Designer Drugs was in its Inception. Not going Hog wild with anything you do, even Food, when the time comes you can walk away from it with minimal Collateral damage. My Best Friend in High School and I smoked a lot of Weed but never had any Inclination to progress to the hard Stuff. Many years after we parted company, one Day he looked me up. I was blown away that not only was he a Crack Head, so was his Wife. In High School this Girl wouldn’t even take one hit of Weed, yet she allowed herself to get Hooked up in the name of Love. In my mind’s Eye I can see her first hit on the Stem, him Prodding her ” If you Love me and want to be with me you will”. Peers Pressure have destroyed many Lives.

Remember me mentioning Obsessive? This Girl loved him Obsessively, when she was sixteen she forsaked all others. It probably would kill her if he Dumped her, so she pleased him and produced three Crack Babies. Not only was her Life destroyed, so was her three Children. Crack Babies never recovered from ingesting in the Womb. Then there was Puss, we called him Puss because we figured that all the Chemicals and Cheap Wines that ran through his Bloodstream, he was a walking Dead. Puss stopped going to School at seventeen. He was on the Property every Day, but never in a Classroom. He was one of the Greatest Shooter I have ever seen in my Life. Every Day he came to School he spent the entire Day outside getting Stoned and shooting Basketball.

He was sinking Half Court Shots before Three Points were Legal. He never got to play on the big Stage, his Life had passed him by while he lived in a Fog. Yet my Wife doesn’t understand why I Blog, If I didn’t Blog looking back on all the Tragedies I have seen I probably would be Compulsive Obsessive something. Living my life in Moderation I find time for everything including Embracing Life and Writing Blogs. Sometimes when I write it feels better than Baring my Soul to some Stranger for a Hundred and twenty Bucks an Hour. So there you have it Blogging is my Outlet. Many of the People I went to High School with had no Outlets so they became Products of their Environment. Not only did they loose their Dreams, they became lost in Dreams.

If I had it to do all over again I would Immerse myself so deep in Creativity there would be no me only my Creations. In High School I Designed Clothes, I later thought myself to fix any and Everything. I probably could rebuild a Motor, I have done everything else to a Car. All my Life I kept myself busy so I never had time to be Compulsive Obsessive anything except a Worker. What do they say about Idle Hands. Not me I plan to write Blogs until I can’t remember what I am  writing about. This is my Revenge to myself, for Partying away my Learning years. For instance the Night I met Maria Von Dickenson. She was one of the Greatest Female Disk Jockey to ever hit the Airwaves. I met her through a Coworker at Solomon Brothers. I  got off work at twelve A.M. the same time she left the Airwaves went to my House in Queens stayed up till the Sun Rose Talking Music, as if we were Debating Theology.

Grateful Dead Forever
Grateful Dead/forever

Then there was Fred he was a well Educated Millionaire who befriended me. Years before Richard Nixon became President and was Impeached, he told me that Dick, as he called him was Crooked. We spent many Hours on Park Benches overlooking the East River smoking the finest Weed his Money could buy. He Educated me on how to live this Wonderful thing called Life. I might have Blown my window of Opportunity to be Noteworthy. But I didn’t Blow Living The Life. When Life had passed them by they lifted their Hands and Screamed to the Sky. Broken Dreams and Broken Promises are all part of Broken ❤❤. We acknowledge that we are only Dust in the wind and are given a short Portal to consume it all. Being a people watcher I observed many Great achievers who had short lifespans. Its as if they knew the end was near, they used the short time given and did what they had to do.  What if we all lived our lives in that manner, success would Certainly be guaranteed to all. So from me to you make Hay whilst the sun shines. Don’t live your Life in a Frivolous manner as I have done.

P.S. this is Dedicated to My 800 young Friends on Facebook.

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