She Loves Me He Love You Not




What is this thing called Love? is it just lust misrepresented, silly emotions, a spiritual bonding, a meeting of the mind body and Soul, or is it just contagious affections. Whatever it is, I am a soldier of Love, an Olympian, with a Torch in my Heart. What did Romeo know that Juliet had not felt, did she not know that without her there be no Romero. I was ten Millie was nine, that Child Professed her Love for me to the heights of no impediments. Child Prodigy have always been, is it possible she was a Prodigy of Love, a reincarnation of someone who had carried the Torch. In High School a Girl I Loved but it could never be, she injured my Heart critically. From there on I went through the motions for a long time, Never thinking that I would ever find the real thing. The People I hung with were all Players, Fly Girls and Users. A Girl who Loved a Friend of mine was Impregnated and tossed aside irreverent of her condition and situations at seventeen. Animals in the Wild takes better care of each other than some Humans.


Same Place and time a Girl I thought I could Love, choose my Best Friend. In Fisherman’s Lingo, you have keepers and throw backs,he definitely was the latter in all aspects. He was a Player with a Heart of Stone, self centered and unaware of others feelings except his own. Absolutely strange Bedfellows he and I, me I was looking for my soulmate, he was looking for one Conquest at a time. Another Girl in the Circle, Gorgeous to no end, also a Player the two could be twin Leopards with identical spots. They knew each other’s fierce predatory nature and were only cordially teasing to each other. I once told her that she was destined to be a working Girl. John on the other hand stayed steady with Liz all through High School. Shortly thereafter they got Married and had three children. I guess Love can make a Husband out of even a Player. I stayed single till I was twenty eight, with all the Players I encountered, I was Gun shy, figuring that if I met my Soulmate she could be an illusion. However on an uneventful chance meeting, not being on the prowl, I met a single mother of two Boys, in that situation most men become Dates who forget to call letting you know that something of a pressing nature came up and they won’t be able to see you ever.


I kept the Date and thirty nine years later, I am happy I kept the Date. The first time I laid Eyes on the Woman that I would spend the rest of my Life With, was in the Building where she Lived. She was on her way to the Laundry Room, sporting the Appearance of a Plain Jane. Nothing Like the Runway Types I knew in High School. Nonetheless I was Smitten by the Love Virus that Romeo had. I was so Dumbfounded all I could do was look, not a word was spoken, not even Hello. One Day I asked one of my Coworkers who was the unassuming Woman that I had seen. He promptly promised me an Introduction, I had many sleepless Nights before I sat in her Living Room Cooing like a love sick Dove. After our first Kiss we fell in Love Simultaneously. Three Scores and more later we never admitted to each other that it was Love at first Sight. It must be that Macho thing, that  Real Men don’t Cry or that thing that once Bitten twice Shy. Just like the Montagues we both had Rejection from her Kids and my mother but they all came around when they all realized that there never was ever going to be no Sweet Sorrows. Funny how the Circle of Life revolves, my Mother was a single Mom and Men avoided her with her Baggage of two Boys. She was the most Loving, unselfish and trustworthy person I have ever known. I have seen her gave away her last Dollar to someone in need. I learned that loving giving Spirit’s should be cherished and adored. The Woman I Married was all that, I was not about to let Laura get away from me because she had Baggage. The World is filled with Players, only out for self gratification.” Sweet dreams are made of these, some of them wants to use you, some of them wants to be used by you”. When it comes to Love, Romance and Relationships, today it seems that it’s all Fabricated in Hollywood, nothing is real, it’s all a silhouette except for the Heartbreaks.




P.S This Blog is Dedicated to my Wlife Laura, Happy 39th Anniversary my Dear, also this one goes out to the one I didn’t Leave behind, it goes out to the one I Love.


P.P.S. True Love is as hard to find as Fairness and Honesty in a Pawn Shop.

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