Every Picture Tells a Story

Bad Drivers are like Alcoholics, they are obviously to the Problem, until it’s too Late. Sometimes they are one and the same. Roadside Graves are a Stark reminder for me that they are out there, that I should always be on the lookout. Never give them the benefit of the Doubt, always expect them to do the wrong things all the time and you will live Longer. Eleven P.M. on a weekday Night, I approached the Intersection, the Light was Red. I am in the Left Lane , there were two Cars to my right. The Light turned Green, I didn’t make it to the other side of Intersection , not even ten feet before the Car to my Right cut me off abruptly to be in my Lane. There were no one in front of us, it was open Road. In my Neck of the Woods bad Driving is an Epidemic someone loose their Lives Daily.

During that same Week I came upon an Accident Scene the Place was Littered with Police Vehicles and First Responders. As I came Parallel to the Ambulance that was in no hurry to Leave I saw a Mangled Bicycle. Within this quarter Mile Strech within two years ten People have lost their Lives, Pedestrians including. The Roadside Graves mean nothing to these Overzealous Maniacs. I Drove in NY and Pennsylvania for fifty Years, moved to the Tampa Area five Years ago. Since then there have been over two Million reported Accidents in this small area. The Death Scenes are Astronomical, so are the Injuries. The Attorneys specialize in Auto Accidents and Grow Fat. Thanks to the Mindless operations of the Automobile. Everyone thinks they are Cute, eighteen to eighty.

Worse of all they have an Attitude. Every time I think that I am going to stop writing about Safe Driving, because like Alcoholics don’t think that they have a Problem,  Bad Drivers don’t think there is a Problem with their Driving. Everyday I encounter another Bobblehead thinking that they are cool, I see Mercedes Benz Trashed and an Army of First Responders. The Pictures are Haunting, all within a twenty Miles Radius of Pinellas and Pasco Counties. When I moved to Pasco County my Insurance Jumped. There is a Star on my Drivers License, indicating that I am a Safe Driver. Yet I am paying more to Live in Pasco because of its Accident History. That doesn’t ring a Bell to the People I share the Road with Everyday. Everyday I make the fifty Miles Roundtrip and back my Car into my Driveway, I give God Thanks for surving one more Day.

I consider Driving more important than my Job. I can always get another Job, not the same with Life, or living the rest of it a Crippled with Hidious Scars. The Thought of killing someone with my Car Nauseates me and keeps me Focused and Adept. So whenever I consider to stop writing Blogs about Safe Driving I become Resolute to be the Vanguard warning young Drivers not to Drive like their Parents, they do not have a Handle on this Driving Business and their Attitudes are far to Gregarious to Emulate. They say there is a Fool Born Everyday, please don’t Join the Ranks, be Different. The Bible says ” a Child shall show them the Way” be that Child. Everyday should be a Learning Experience, Eyes wide open and you still don’t see.

From Day one I got behind the Wheel without a Driving Instructor sitting next to me, it’s been Lights Action Camera. I have been on this Nightmare Stage for over fifty years, sad part is the other Players don’t get any Better. They perform in an Oblivious manner until someone and their Bicycle is Wedged in their Wheelwell. Every Picture Tells a Story don’t it. I think that if someone was Negligent to cause their own Death I would surrender my Licence. My Coworker was a bad Driver, always Speeding with a point to prove. When he scattered a Pedestrian Brains over Queens Boulevard, he continued Driving as he had always done, it was her fault for Crossing in the middle of the Block he Thought. The Driver who Killed the Infant in a Stroller and Mangled his Brother and Mother thought the same. It appears that I am the only one who watches the News in Tampa, they are all an Accident waiting to happen, just like a Junkie or an Alcoholic, they don’t see the Imminent Danger, they all Drive like  Racecar Drivers on our Congested Roads, and so another poor soul will not make it home to their Loved ones. All because of your lack of Thoughtfulness and bad Judgement. I know that my Safe Driving Blogs are Graphic and my Words aren’t Sugar Coated, welcome to Reality Blog. I am not doing this for Likes and Pleasant Comments, I am here to stir Awareness to Bad Drivers in hope to change just one and save just one Life. Baby I am a Rider, doing it for fifty Years.

This is Rush Hour on Ulmerton Road

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