Holding Sway

via Holding Sway


Holding Sway

The Term means to have great power or influence over a particular person, place, or domain.


hold power

wield power

exercise power


be most powerful

be in power

be in control


have the ascendancy

have the greatest influence

have the upper hand

have the edge

have/hold the whip hand

Ever since I started to Blog about safe Driving, an Insatiable question nagged me every Day on my Commute. Why do People Drive the way they do. Why are they so Power Happy, who are they impressing. Speed is the number one Killer, topping Highway Fatalities. Yet one month ago Travelling Florida to South Carolina, People were Blowing my Doors off. Not only were they Clocking One Hundred, they were Traveling insanely, in Packs and cutting each other off. I also saw two Muscle Cars Racing.

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