Guns Don’t Kill- Or do they?

Guns Don’t kill- Or Do they?


I had promised myself that this would be the only Blog written by me on the Subject of Gun Control. In Light of Activities in the past Months and Year, I decided to make some changes and reblog this Post.

Among the most intelligent and the most rational of us mental illness crops up from nowhere, without a warning. It doesn’t even take mental illness to tip some of us off, sometimes a bad day Will do it. With some people a bad attitude is all it takes to send them off in a murderous rampage. With a gun handily available rationality is out the window. Let’s look at crimes of passion and vengeance, these people aren’t thinking about punishment, all they know is something needs to be done and they have a gun. After the carnage back to reality they realize that without having a gun readily available their loved ones or enemies would still be alive. With all the stark reality gun lobbyists never stop pushing the idea of a gun in each household. Everyone does not possess the Level Headedness or Temperance to own a Gun.

The President say that the victims have the support of the Nation. Does he means that we are going to push for strict gun control laws, does he means that we are going to get automatic weapons off the street and out of the hands of every Nut with an ax to grind. The enthusiast waves the second  Amendment . After each disaster as the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando the question is asked, how can this be prevented in the  future.  Getting every automatic weapons off the Street would be a start , only law-enforcement agencies should have them .

When I worked with Mark Harshberger he bragged to me that he owned over one hundred guns, he was an avid activist of the second amendment. One day at work a minor confrontation developed between us, to my surprise he offered me six bullets from his forty five that he carried daily. It was at that point I realized that Guns don’t kill, only Crazy People who are allowed to have them.

Keeping in mind that the most rational of us gets his pride hurt, out the holster comes the gun as it did in a movie theater in Tampa where a retired police officer involved in an altercation with another patron pulled his gun, shot and killed him in front of his infant child, his wife and scores of other horrified patrons. This one incident left scars on my brain, knowing that cops are trained in the use of firearms and the burdens of frivolously and callously discharging them. If a Cop can pull his gun and fire in a movie theater, where does it leaves the average Nut with a gun. God help us all. The history of people going off the deep end in this country, taking a high vantage point on a building and creating carnage is in huge volume. Look at the Las Vegas shooter, no one knows what set him off and may never know. Regardless look at the arsenal he brought with him, enough to start a war. Forget disarmament, it would cause civil war. All I am concerned with is availability.

The gun manufacturers have to make their profits, only a revolution can bring blind profit and warmongers who have to sell their products or close shop. Never happen, too much money. They don’t care if their products are handed out on a street corner, pretty much the same when junior a family friend, coming home on furlough after Boot Camp. Traveled through Texas, got possession of a shotgun within a one hour stopover, brings it home, shoots off three fingers that I picked up and put on ice and take to the ambulance who left them behind. Now he was damaged goods, the U.S. Army prosecutes him and put him in jail, how about the person who sold him the Gun, eighteen years old. I have seen the damage .

When I was fourteen across the street from my house, A Detective came for a neighbor of mine, dead or alive, the man choose death charging the officer with a machete. The officer aimed to save the man by taking a lower shot to the groin, slow death waiting for the ambulance. Still fourteen going to the funeral of two brothers who were gunning for me for beating their baby brother badly and embarrassed him. The brothers both caught sixteen bullets each at a party that I had planned to visit ,their faces were dimpled with bullet holes. That’s how bad men end in gang warfare, I was intrigued by Gang Life at fourteen going to that Funeral changed the rest of my Life. Don’t tell me that Guns don’t kill. At fourteen I made the decision, never to own a gun, one reason is if you kicked my ass and I know where you live, I would go home get my gun and shoot you. Everyone shouldn’t have a gun, I was true to myself. Those inalienable rights were given to the settlers to protect themselves from the Red Coats  the natives and ourselves. So put that in your Tea Cup and sip that. I have mentioned Mark Harshbarger in other Blogs. When I worked with Mark on Construction Sites, many Days he had either a Rifle or a Forty Five in his Truck.



 Sometimes the Truck was Locked sometimes not. Of all the places to have a Gun, this is not the Place. Construction Workers are Dimwits, I worked in the Industry for many Years. Fighting is not irregular, Mark was an Avid Hunter and Fisherman, he was skilled with Firearms. He once told me that He always bragged of his  one Hundred Guns. He was also a Lifelong Member of N.R.A.  On the last of many Hunting Trips  to Canada with his Wife Marybeth, he was shot and killed by her. Mark have Bragged to me of Marybeth’s shooting skills, hitting Bullseye at over fifteen hundred yards. At the time of Mark’s Death his Life Insurance was close to a Million. It is said that she was having an Affair with his Brother. Her Defense, she thought she was shooting at a Bear, less than fifty yards in the Twilight Dusk. she shot and killed him claiming that it was an accident. Yet people like Mark argues that we want to take away their rights to bear arms, he died with his convictions. It behooves me how these activists think, all we are asking is stronger restrictions to the availability of automatic weapons and the ease of ownership overall.
when things happen, I would wonder how and why. Not in Mark’s Case, you Live by the Gun, you die by the Gun. That is all I have to say on the subject, Mark’s inalienable rights to Live was taken away by one of his one Hundred Guns.


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