Silence Is Golden

Never argue with an Idiot

They will Drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.( Mark Twain)

Words so true have never been spoken. The problem is that most Idiots are not aware of their shortcomings. You can be well Learned and still be one if you think that your opinion is the only one that matters, or make any sense. Growing up I was told never to discuss Politics, Religion and Sexual Orientation. The reason for that is, just about everyone have a different opinion in all three. Some people are strongly opinionated and passionate in their beliefs they  would go to no end to convert you to their way of thinking.

This is what separates Smart People from idiots, they know that invisible lines drawn in the Sands of time should not be crossed. They know not to have discussions with People of a closed Mind, or so strongly opinionated that other’s opinion dose’nt matter. Case in point, the Election Season is just around the corner where seemingly Eloquent People losing a Debate will resort to Mudslinging and just about calling your Mother names. That’s what arguing with an Idiot amounts to. When you can’t get your point across in a Civilized and Rational manner and you have to resort to pulling out the Verbal Daggers, you are an Idiot.

My Mother was an Ambassador of Social Grace, when a conversation or discussion got out of control she would just stop talking and let you talk yourself out of words, then just walked away. That type of Psychology brings to mind a Scandinavian Course for People in the Hospitality Business. The course teaches you to be passive when dealing with rambunctious Customers or Guests. One Orientation goes, you are walking down the Street, someone is walking behind you calling you Vile Names. The minute you stop and ask the person, are you talking to me, then and only then  are you all the things he called you. ” never argue with an Idiot,” you may think that your intelligence and your Dignity is being compromised by taking on the Passive Role, trust me, never wrestle with Pigs, you will only get dirty and they love to be covered with Mud.

One of my good friends and I have been estranged for a couple of years. We used to have great discussions about World Politics and Social Issues. After the last Presidential Election we started drifting apart by him always trying to explain to me why he voted the way he did and by always trying to convince me to like his Candidate. Being the smart one seeing the Confrontation coming, whenever the subject came up, I shut up. Being perceptive he never brought the subject to the Table anymore. I must be getting old, these Days I just want to live in Tranquility free of Drama and knockdown Debates about anything. Not like when I was eighteen, working in one of my first jobs out of H.S. I met a young Man Bent on converting me to his Religion.

From the onset I informed him that I was Raised a Christian. Over a year period this Person hammered away at me relentlessly. After countless rebuttals he Exploded on me calling me Satan. It’s People like that who motivated this Blog, Idiots. His arguments could not sway me so he resorted to beguiling, condemning and Demonizing me. That’s how Idiots respond when losing the Debate, so don’t get caught up in a Debate to Hell. Those Debate are only going to end up in Verbal Assaults, in those instances, ” silence is golden”. Two years ago one of my young coworkers related a story to me. On one family gathering he brought his new Girlfriend to Dinner. His Father and the Girlfriend  got into a heated debate, losing the argument the Father resorted to belittling and berating the young Woman calling her stupid and a Bitch. To him she was too young to know what she was talking about. When I worked in Construction we had a rule of Thumb, if a ten years old showed up on the Jobsite with the Blueprints, he is the Boss. Now do you see why arguing with an Idiot is a no no. He lost a potential Daughter -in-law and his sons respect, all from being an Idiot.

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