Women’s suffrage

When your Government ram Laws down your throat that are only supported by a powerful minority, that’s Oppression in the highest order. Laws that are Antiquated and Antisocial seems to be the new Bandwagon. Overthrowing Popular Landmark Laws appears to be the New Wave. Seems to me that Tyranny is on the rise, ” Always support your Country, only support your Government when deserving”. Abortions is the new Prohibition, the Moral Bleeding Hearts want Abortions gone. These are the same People who locked away their Children in Attics and Basements when they were Born less than perfect. The same ones who denied Women the right to Vote before Suffrage became Law, which they protested vehemently.

The sad thing about this Country is people’s memory is so short-lived when it comes to Atrocities committed in this Country by these Totalitarians. They forget that it was oppressive Government and Laws that Forged the Journey of the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock. Hypocrisy rules these so-called right minded people. My Mother would always remind us to be wary of people who Committed Sins from Monday to Saturday, then go to Church on Sunday praying for Forgiveness. They practice Hate as if it was a Religion, they have no Mercy for People seeking Asylum the same way the Mayflower Immigrants did. Yet these Right minded People want to impose their beliefs and their Will on a Woman.

I should be the Staunchest opponent of Abortion, yet I support a Woman’s right to choose. When my Mother became Pregnant with me she was in her late thirties and in poor Health. Everyone in her close Circle including her Doctor told her that having this Baby in all likelihood would kill her. This is my strongest Argument for Pro-choice. A Mother’s Life is in Limbo and you tell her that There are no circumstances that could sanction or warrant an Abortion, what Hypocrisy. My Mother put my Life ahead of Hers, that was her Choice. Denying her the right to choose is no different than denying her the right to Vote.

These People are trying to bring back the Days of Coathangers and abandoned Fetuses in Dumpsters. Democracy is not about Tyranny and imposition of Will, it’s about Choice. If I was a woman who was Raped I would go through no end to Flush the memories of the Experience of being Violated. Antiabortion Laws are nothing short of Violating a Woman. Being forced to have a Rape Baby who I could have no Love for, a constant reminder of my Misery, is far worse than an Abortion. These Laws are going to push many Women into Desperation and endanger many Lives. These Laws are not an Act of Charity for the Fetus, it’s jumping on the Bandwagon of a Popular Agenda, it’s self gratification and the imposition of Will and Power.

I used to think of America as a world Leader in Progressive Ideologies, apart from Countries where Beating your Wife is Legal, was I ever Naive. Bringing back the Chastity Belt is just around the corner.This is what I love about America the most, the Freedom to voice my Opinion, be it Popular or not. Any of these Lawmakers Wives who support their Husbands are nothing but a Woman in waiting. There are so many other Laws that needs overhauling, for instance Gun Laws, while writing this Blog a Man shot and kill his pregnant girlfriend in St Petersburg Florida.

Yet these so-called Right Minded Lawmakers chose to attack Abortion while Gun Violence is out of control. Abortion Laws are easy targets for these Cowards who are afraid of the NRA who makes large Contributions to their Campaign Funds. The bottom line is you can’t Blame these Lawmakers, when you are the one who put them there. When I decided to write Blogs I promised myself that I would stay out of Politics. How can I, when Politicians dictates how we live our daily Lives.

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