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Being Gas Happy all the time is a macho thing that many Women have fallen into. It is a deadly approach to Driving with serious consequences. Those consequences played out Two Days ago in my neck of the Woods, when bad Parents made accessible to two Adolescents of twelve and nine what I call a toy Motorcycle. It’s not a Scooter or a Motorcycle, however it is motorized. On a lonely dark stretch of Rural Road the Tragedy of leaving your kids unsupervised struck Home. A twelve years old Girl and her nine years old sister was struck and Killed by a Driver who claimed that he didn’t see them in the Dark.

This is the third Blog that I am writing about people getting mowed down by Mindless Drones behind the Wheel who have killed or seriously injured people claiming that they didn’t see them. If your Headlights are working and you are not Driving at Breakneck speed you can see a Rabbit crossing the Road at twelve Am. I have always enjoyed living in a Rural or semi Rural settings. One night on my way home I was clocking 60 in a 50 MPH zone. I always travel ten MPH Over the limit to avoid the clutter of Sunday Drivers in the middle of the week.

Any way it was past twelve a.m. on a semi Rural strip of road. It was like this Racoon timed me to within twenty feet, then decided to test my agility, by crossing in such short distanceof my front Tires. I saved his Life, so will someone tell me how this Driver didn’t see the two Girls on a mini Motorcycle. If you are fidgeting with the Android while being gas happy, an eight hundred pounds Bear on a Scooter doesn’t stand a chance. Over the years I have saved the lives of scores of small and Big Animals such as Bears and Deers.

After each occurrence I felt that I have done my Job as an accomplished Motorist, you noticed I didn’t say Driver. There are many Vehicle Operators, many Drivers, very few Motorists and way  less accomplished Motorists who goes out there each day with one main Objective, saving Lives. I have been that way for fifty years and I have saved at least one person’s life and at least five Critters lives annually, you do the Math. When I lived in Pennsylvania I always Belly Ache that they didn’t spend my Tax Dollars on Highway Safety. You could drive for miles without seeing one Streetlight, when a Road is cut straight through the Wilderness, you certainly will encounter Bears and Deers crossing the Road regularly.

Lewis was six five and weighed three hundred pounds. Before a Deer came crashing through his Windshield, knocking him out of the Driver’s seat almost into the Trunk, he was just another Driver who thought being Focused and Adept behind the Wheel, was too much like work and took the fun out of Driving. Let me tell you it’s no fun when a Pregnant Woman walk mindlessly into the side of your Van and get knocked to the ground, You blame yourself for not looking out for the poor Fool. Thank God she suffered not a scratch.

It’s another matter running over and Killing two kids on a dark Road, all because you never took the time to absorb the Driving Manual which states that you can travel with your High Beam within 300ft of the oncoming Vehicle. I am willing to Bet that 50% of the Drivers out there don’t know of that rule, and another 50% don’t know 50% of the other safety rules in the Manual. But guess what they are all Hotdogs behind the Wheel gas-happy and all.

  Then one day the Tragedy of running over a twelve years and her nine years old sister come knocking at your Door. All because they didn’t know any better, neither did their Parents for letting them go riding at night on a poorly lit Road. Worse of all you the Driver was not looking out for the other Guy. Way too many Idiots out there that doesn’t believe that it is their responsibility to always be on the lookout for others screwing up. Keep your Remorse and sympathy, those two Children needed your vigilance, Adept and being Focused behind the Wheel, not acting like a Bobblehead even if you are a Teenager.

Those of you who read my safe Driving Blogs probably think that I am fabricating these numbers of Fatalities. Since I moved here to the Tampa Area five years ago there are no less than 100 fatalities that I am aware of. I drove in N.Y. and Pennsylvania for fifty years and never heard of fifty Fatalities. Hello ! Yet people take offense when someone like me comes along and tell you that your Driving Sucks. I have been watching you for fifty years and you don’t get any better. Where as I myself have advanced to Jedi status. Am I the only one out here that believe it is my responsibility to look out for the other Guy, especially Babies and Fools.

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