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The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today

After Driving Commercially for many years, my hidden Scars are so deep, many Nights I have Nightmares. That’s why when I chose to stop Blogging about everything else, I will never stop Blogging about Safe Driving. Or whenever I come across Gut-wrenching Articles about Safe Driving to reblog them.  One of my reoccurring Nightmares occurred over forty years ago. It was early Winter, Daytime Weather was deceptive. Once the Sun disappeared the Temperature dropped dramatically. Six O’clock you knew it was Winter.
I was Traveling a configuration of Traffic where the Long Island Expressway intersects the Vanwycke Expressway. It was raining lightly, Icing was developing on the Roadway. A careless Driving Driving a Jaguar crossed six Lanes of Traffic, cut me off within one car-length, then took his foot off the gas. In order not to rear end him, with the touch of a Feather I veered slightly away from him. The Road was so Slick I lost control. I sideswiped five other Vehicles, spun around five or six times, ripped up twenty five yards of Guardrail, crashed through the Guardrail into the opposing Lanes and got Nailed by the first Car in the speed Lane. The Car was Totaled, but the Nightmares had just begun. Every Day I am out there I see Mindless People thinking that Driving is big Fun until Lives are lost, then they start acting Remorseful. Save your Remorse for Confessions and show a little consideration for Life.

By Trooper Gary Cutler, Colorado State Patrol Each month I usually write about topics to help you and your families stay safe on the roadways. This month I would like to touch on why that is so important. There is a hidden scar that goes on under the radar of public perception. So this time, […]

The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today

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