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Sins Of The Fathers


Sins of The Fathers

Mona was someone not of this world, someone who possessed Angelic qualities, her propensity for caring led her to the Medical field, Empathy flowed from her Heart to her grateful Patients. Her willingness to embrace  fellowship touched me and I will never stop loving her for that, the Skin she lived in paled mine, though the Color of our Soul was one and the same, she treated me like her Brother and that is what that was totally unique about her from the rest of her Family. Mona was a Rare Flower born into a Savage Garden of Haters for a Family, some had colourful and Dubious backgrounds. I met her from working with her two no good Brothers they were young Men who had inherited a Famly’s Legacy of Hate.

Their Uncle was one of my Supervisors, a Hater who was too polite to let his true feelings show. One thing about Haters that I became skilled at was Body Language and overall communication with People of different colors. I will forever be talking about my English Literature Teacher, she told me to always seek to find out what the Author isn’t saying. I took that advice to the next Level into conversations, call me presumptuous but I know what you mean without you saying it outrightly, I guess that’s a form of Prejudice but I had good Teachers. To say she had a Thorny Family History is an understatement of great Proportion.

Story told one of her uncle  living in an abusive relationship with his Wife’s Family, one day went off the Deep End, chased his Brother-in-law down Main Street and shot him Dead like one of the Deers he Hunted. Hate is a Pandora’s Box once opened you never know how or what it’s going to manifest into. Sure he had extenuating circumstances but the undercurrent made it easy to carry out the Deed. I am a firm Believer that for every mass Shootings that have occurred over the last thirty years Hate is the underlying current, Mental Illnesses is only part of the Equation. Several Months ago in my Home State of Florida a Kid went to School, shot and Killed seventeen of his Classmates, gingerly exited the Building, went to McDonald’s and bought A Meal.

Whatever the Catalyst that brought the Hate to a Crescendo is of no significance, this young Man was filled with Hate. Mona’s Family Indoctrinated their Children in a Legacy of Hate, she was an Oasis in the Desert she Inherited. Nonetheless she stood Tall and Proud to be a Child of God she carried herself like Mother Teresa and showered all with equal kindness. Her Brothers were Carbon Copies of their parents, they Loved Tupac, not for telling War Stories but for Spattering the N word all over his Lyrics, each time he spat the Word they Salivated, they had a Huge Collection which told me how Rap Music got so big, Haters love to hear the word spoken by the owner.

Ironic that they would invite me to their Home to eat their food and drink their Liquor, as if to Brag to their parents that they found a good one, as in Guess who is coming to Dinner, She was my Favorite Movie Star until one Day on fifty fifth Street she was struggling with a heavy Box up the Stairs to her Townhouse, I called her by Name and asked her if I could help her. She Stereotyped me shuddered with Fear and Repelled my offer to help her. Now here I am reliving the Movie in Mona’s Home the Day before Thanksgiving, having a Beer in the Living Room. It was there that I met her Boyfriend, he was someone that I had met years earlier when he was a Kid in his Father’s Automotive Parts Store.

The Person he had grown into shuddered my Human instincts with Fear, upon the introduction I extended my hand, the Hair on the back of my Neck stood straight like a Cat ready to do Battle. Animals have sences we rarely posses, they perceive Threats and Danger when we don’t. The Automotive Business was good to his Family they Became Well off. Like any other spoiled rotten Rich Kid he plundered his huge Allowances,  Crack Cocaine was his Penchant, that was what my instincts picked up on when my naked eyes didn’t. Those same instincts told me he was a Hater, the look he gave me when our Eyes Bounced was that of what are you doing here, you don’t belong. I had seen that Look many times living in the Neighbourhood where the Family’s Business was located.

I was impervious to that Look because of my early Training, Mother always told us that they might Hate you, but they will Respect you for the Job you do and the way you carry yourself. She said whatever job you do be the very best at it, they will Hate you for being the best while loving you for it. Isn’t it ironic I paid huge Rent to be away from Hood Life yet Crack was all around me in an Affluent Neighborhood, all because their Parents Funded their Habits with huge Allowances. Mona’s Boyfriend was the Latest Victim of the Coca Plant that goes back as far as Hernan Cortes1500 AD Conquests. By wanting to Marry into Money she became a victim also. Her Parents were too busy Hating to warn her of the Dangers of selling your Soul for Money. Peer Pressure is a Dangerous Social Disease, from wanting to be with him she did what he did to stay together, what a Tragedy for someone of Her Character to Befall.


When my Kids were in High School we argued a lot about Peer Pressure, she didn’t believe it was as Formidable as I did, but I knew different from watching my Best Friend in High School Plying his Girlfriend to Smoke Weed with us. She was strong, all through H.S. she never took a Drag, she waited till she was Married to him and smoked Crack with Him while she was Pregnant producing three Crack Babies, another Tragedy in my Life that I witnessed including Mona’s. It was getting late Thursday the Eve of Thanksgiving, I said goodbye to Mona and her Family. The weekend passed, watching the News Monday Morning I learned that Mark had beaten Mona badly  that Thursday Night over the last Hit of Crack, tied her up Duct Taped her Mouth and left Her in a Closet for three Days Pregnant with His Child, she went Home to Jesus Talking Her Heart of Gold. Absolutely Mind boggling, she survived Her Family’s Legacy of Hate and bad Karma to be Succumbed by Crack Cocaine. Parting Words ” Only the Good Die Young”.



Sins of the Father or Sins of the Fathers derives from Biblical references (primarily in the books Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers) to the sins (or iniquities) of one generation passing to another. The idea has been conveyed paraphrastically into popular culture.


Niel Young ” You who are on the Road must have a code that you can live by and so let the past be a goodbye”

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