Secret Places

Secret Places

Ever since Childhood I have always had secret places, somewhere I could go and loose myself or whatever troubled me. I even have a secret place in my Mind sort of like Zen,  mostly it’s Meditation,there I can lock out everything from Pain to stress. As far as Physical places are concerned the Ocean and the Wilderness are my favorite. When I gaze across the Ocean I become humbled at its vastness above and below. When I ponder it’s creation I become intoned with my Spirituality, accepting that Life is bigger than you or I, thinking that I am better than a lowly Vagrant is just about Sacrilegious.

One of my Mental Lighthouses that brings me back the Earth and keep me grounded is creating a picture in my mind of Jesus washing the dirty smelly Feet of his Disciples, that is an absolute backhand to all the Egomaniacs in the world, the King of Kings washing Feet in a Slavelike manner to teach us Humility, that is my favorite secret Place, the Lighthouse of my Spirituality. Without having so many secret Places I am certain that I could not have overcome day to day living in such an Evil Society where Injustice, Persecution and Brutality is the Norm, Babylonian Mentality is acceptable Christianity is undermined, just look at Social Media posting a Baboon masturbating .

How could I live and function in such a sick Society without taking up Vantage the way the Las Vegas Shooter did venting his Breakdown, If he had my secret places all those People would still be alive today. That is what happens when you take it all to Heart and have no place to Recoil. When I lived in Pennsylvania I contemplated building a Log Cabin high on a Mountain where my next Door Neighbor was five miles away. I ditched the Idea for my Wife’s sake, she does not like the Wilderness, also that would be like dropping out of Society. Instead I stayed among you to show you that Baby Boy is all grown up, mentally I am living on that Mountain.

The average person is unable to rise above Social upheavals as I did and so they acted out and up, to their Demise. 1971 I almost lashed out on Society by Joining the Black Panther Party. On my way to be initiated the Safe house blew up killing two members, God have always protected me from the Valley of Death and Society. When I was seventeen if you told me that I would be operating my own Website excersisng Freedom of Speech, I would have called you Nuts. Back then my secret Place was Marijuana and Colt45, my my have we evolved. Today I open my Liquor Cabinet Loaded with everything from Grand Marnier to Courvoisier when I was twenty this would have been my secret Place.

I look in my Medicine Cabinet and I see a Bottle with twenty seven and a half OxiContin that was never and will never be one of my secret places growing up in a Drug Culture have cured me. Music is in my top five secret Places I have listened to so much Music I am Driving in my Car Radio off and I hear Bob “there is a Natural Mystic blowing in the Air” and Yes Babbling about taking the White Queen for a Wife, while Neil Young Southern Man Drowns them all out, while Beethoven’s 5th Symphony crescendos, I am quite sure he had many secret Places, how else could he have created the 5th. A Day without music is total Madness. My other great secret Place lies in Great Quotes as in ” a person’s most beautiful asset is not a Head full of Knowledge, but a Heart full of Love, an Ear ready to Listen and a Hand willing to help others”. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the Rational mind is a faithful Servant, we have created a Society that Honor’s the Servant and has forgotten the Gift” ( Einstein) . Lincoln ” Nearly all. Men can stand Adversity but if you want to test a Man’s Character give him Power”. “Without all my secret places I would be just another victim of Society”( Anthony Dixon) . This is my 4th website, I have been writing Blogs for two and a half years, for two and a half years my Wife has been livid about the time I spend on my websites writing Blogs. I have been Married for thirty seven years, if I had started writing thirty six years ago your guess is as good as mine. This is my Ultimate Secret Place, and you my friends are looking through the Windows of my Life.

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