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Bobbleheads Behind The Wheel

Bobbleheads behind the wheel

When I worked in Construction it was standard Knowledge that if as an Apprentice you didn’t learn the job right, fifty years later you still don’t know what you are doing. How Ironic of all the things nowhere is that saying more prevalent than Driving. When I started Driving I made it my job to become better each and every time I got behind the wheel tapping on yesterday’s experience. I have been fortunate to have had some great Teachers, in High School one of them told me to never stop Learning even if I should choose not to go on to higher Learning. My Driving Instructor was another great Teacher he told me to always know where you are on the Road, as in who is behind you( prevents rear End) who is in front of you( focused) who is beside you, he said whenever possible don’t drive side by side, the person beside you could become distracted and run you off the Road.

I have used those  advice for fifty years of Driving and have saved numerous lives including my own, even Deers , Possums and Bears. In my neck of the woods Tampa Florida I have been living here for four years, over that short period of time over twenty Children on their way to School have been killed by Bobblehead Drivers. People who can’t have Sex and chew Gum without missing a stroke. Yet these same people get behind the wheel and the caged Idiot inside them is let loose once they turn the Ignition, thinking that their name is Dale Earnhardt. Dale was one of the best in the World, but when you test the Hand of Fate, you loose. When I was twelve years old I raced Go-carts down Hills with eighty degrees incline, got to the bottom to find that I had no Breaks.

I didn’t remain a Dumb Kid all my Life as most do when it comes to Driving. Paul was a well educated Man, yet when he got behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz, Jaguars and BMW’s he crashed them the way I used to crash Go carts. The Last accident almost killed him broke his Neck and Bones he never knew he had. If Suicide is your way out of this Life so be it but what of all your Victims, going out encrusted in Steel and Glass is not what they envisioned when they snapped their Seatbelts. Getting back to Tampa, one Month ago on Eastlake Road a fifteen year old Girl Riding her Bicycle to school was Critically injured while she crossed, unaware of the Bobblehead approaching, I believe she lost the fight. I Commute Eastlake Road daily the Road is 50 MPH yet I have seen people doing 75.

At the Accident scene where the Girl was Critically injured, every day I pass it I look for Skid marks, there are none. Weeks earlier I watched a Truck rolled over three times I immediately parked and ran to their rescue. When I got to the Truck a Man and Woman exited the Vehicle on their Stomachs, I smelled Gas. The question I asked could only come from an experienced Motorist, ” is everyone out of the Vehicle, the Mother frantically reentered the upside down Vehicle and handed me a Car seat with an infant who had not made a sound until I had him, probably knocked out.

On this same Road one Month earlier one of my Neighbors from Holiday lost her Life on her way to work, when I passed the Accident scene I noticed the Tire Tracks off the Road, no one could convince me that speed wasn’t the only factor. Driving like a Bobblehead has its consequences. In the week of January 10th 2019 a High School Kid walking to school was run over knocked in the Berm, she was left for dead by a Heartless person who was either Drunk, had a revoked Licences or no Insurance, they always run away from their dying Victims. Same week one Block from where I used to live a Motorcycle Rider lost his Life, two miles down the Road a fifteen years old on his way to School is critically injured by one of his Teachers.

The Teacher’s excuse, it was 6:55 A.m. it was dark and he didn’t see the Student who crossed the Street in front of him. Well how about this, the Night before coming home at 12Am on Eastlake Road a Possum decided to cross the Road within six feet of me doing sixty, he is ten inches tall with a gray and silver overcoat yet not being Bobblehead I was able to save it’s Life . that’s what great Driving is all about saving Lives. Not Driving further than you can see, not Driving like your name is Dale and not weaving a two Lane Road like a Bobblehead. When I decided to start Blogging about safe Driving I was working as a Valet Driver. It was their careless Driving that motivated me to Blog.

I have seen people Driving three hundred thousand Dollars Vehicles at sixty MPH in a Parking Garage, stopping on a Dime then backed it in a spot at thirty MPH. One of our Driver got caught doing over 100 MPH on US 19 a 55 MPH Zone. I have been Learning to Drive for fifty years, I have the Skills to be a Getaway Driver in a Bank Robbery, yet the way I Drive my Buick Verano you could never tell, the Manufacturer says it does 170 but I will never know if that’s true.

A Nut that I once knew told me that I Drive the way that old People have Sex, funny his Name was Tom, his Driving should have inspired me to write Blogs about safe Driving more than anything else. He was a very Tardy Person never got up on time to go to work and so he wrecked Havoc on the daily Commuting Traffic like most Bobble heads do and that’s why so many kids loose their lives before they ever Lived.

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  1. Thank you for being a regular, the original concept was to write strictly about safe Driving. I promise more good posts on Safe Driving.


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