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Knowing The Signs


Knowing The Signs

First of all let me say that we all can’t be Blessed with perfect Offsprings. Some of them needs a little more attention and vigilance than others. Most People that crawl in the sack and make a Baby thinks that putting a Roof over their Heads and feeding them makes them a good Parent. In my neck of the Woods a young man worked at McDonald’s by day and by night he Randomly killed four People. The Tragedy of it all is that he had never met any of these people, they did him no wrong so there were no Axes to grind.

On November 28 2017, police arrested Howell Emanuel Donaldson III after he handed a pistol in a bag to his manager, who alerted police.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the pistol may have fired the bullets used in the killings and that Donaldson’s cell phone had been in the vicinity of the killings at the relevant times, while a search of Donaldson’s vehicle found clothing similar to that seen in surveillance footage of the killing. On that basis, police charged Donaldson with four counts of murder. Donaldson stated that the pistol belonged to him but did not state that he had committed the killings. Donaldson was indicted on the charges on December 7, 2017. He pleaded not guilty to all charges five days later. On January 23, 2018, Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren announced that the state would seek the death penalty against Donaldson.

When the Cops asked his Parents to shed some light on the Case as to what went wrong. they refused to help the investigation in any way shape or form, I guess they were embarrassed of the miserable job they did protecting John Q. Public from their little Monster.

If you think that they are good Parents you also need help. Parenting is way more complex beyond the average person understanding  skills and capabilities.

We believe that it is your responsibility to learn the Job you put yourself in. When I started showing signs of being a Juvenile Delinquent, my Mother became Cop, Drug counselor and Clergy to derail the Train I was on. She once told me a story of a young Man on his way to be executed, called his Mother close to the Cell Bars, bit her Ear off, telling her that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder.

Killed 17 fellow Students

Every Cop is not a good Cop, every Doctor is not a good Doctor, every Lawyer is not a good Lawyer and so it is with Parenting. Good parenting isn’t something that comes naturally, it is a learned process, mostly you learn from your parents and their parents and your own failures and success. Back in ancient times it was the Job of the entire village to raise the children in African culture. If your kid screwed up a neighbor could spank the child. Doctor Spock don’t believe in spanking a child, but if my Mother didn’t stand her Ground during my Turbulent Teen, which at that point I caught her drift about Crime and punishment, I probably would have committed murder by fourteen. Some kids are that way, they are knuckleheads, so was I defiant of Laws and authority. I have told my wife many times that my Mother was a bigger man than I could ever be raising a rambunctious child as I was, luckily I put it all together and realized that if I continued on the same path into adulthood , I in all likelihood would have done Prison Time. Some of us possess the ability to rise above ourselves others don’t. The only difference for me and others who went astray is the woman I called Mom. She was not going to have any child of her’s do any prison time even if she had to maime or crippled me. Also giving up was not in her vocabulary. It appears to me that Donaldson had given his Parents signals way early before he started acting out his fantasy of popping in a neighborhood killing a few of it’s Residents and fade into the Night. Raising a monster and not knowing the signs, is failure on your behalf.

If it takes Professional help or whatever intervention to turn a twisted child around before he acts out on Society it is your Job to observe and detect abnormalities and aberrations. You can’t walk with your Head in the Clouds saying not my child, even with the smoking gun in Hand and a dead Body in front of him. Being in denial helps no one. I showed early signs of being a bad Ass and being Mom and Pop she made a full-time Job of turning my life around. I am quite sure if she thought she was fighting a losing battle she would have grudgingly made me the ward of the State’s, by putting me in Juveniles Detentions for my own and Society’s good.

Many Parents can’t and won’t come to grips with situations like that, so they just let the kid run its course until he is all grown up and his Demons with him, killing innocent people at night randomly like his name was Jack the Ripper. As I have said before parenting is The hardest job in the world but you bought the Job when you had them. You can’t just drop them like a Cat and turn them loose on Society. Murderous Tendencies goes back to Cain, People forget that Lucifer was an Arc Angel, God’s right hand Man, going bad is a defect that  Plagues Mankind since the beginning of time how we deal with our Fallacies define who we are.

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