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The Driver

Well I guess by now you know  that Driving is one of my passions and one of my Pet Peeves, I would give up several Hours in Voluntary work to be able to go out there one Day and not having to worry about the other Guy or Girl. This is something my Driving Instructor embedded in me forty eight years ago and I have never stopped looking out for the other Guy. It was Twelve A.M. Tuesday traveling on US19 doing 65 on a 55 strip of Road, someone to my right was one car ahead of me, out of darkness on a busy Road I am knocking Eyeballs ( staring at each other) with a beautiful young woman in High Heels gingerly crossing one of the most Murderous Roadway in any Atmosphere, against the Light.

I stabbed my Brakes and released then pumped, giving her enough time to avoid my Bumper and being missed by the Vehicle to my right by three feet traveling at 67. It would not have been pretty had I not being focused, That’s what I am talking about always looking out for the other guy. They do it walking, riding a Bicycle, a Motorcycle or a Mercedes Benz, I am not blowing Smoke, I leave that to my exhaust. I love driving so I Respect the Vehicle, no word of Lie, sometimes I have to drive like a Jedi to avoid damaging its beautiful Chromed Grill, but most off all I love and respect Life. And so every time I get behind the wheel it is a Chore instead of a Pleasure, due to your Callous attitude towards Life ( yours and others) and your Cavalierious attitude towards Driving.

Being  responsible  Focused and aware for the little time you use our Roadways is not asking a lot, there is plenty of time to be Stupid elsewhere, not behind the wheel or crossing the street. Just the other day I discussed with my wife that beside our Automobile Insurance Premiums we paid an additional forty Dollars for irresponsibile people, that’s known as Uninsured Motorist coverage. That’s another Blog and another time,  Pedestrians always have the Rightaway, that doesn’t give them the right to be Stupid, the 🚴 Bicyclist is one Pedal behind the Pedestrian’s stupidity. Twelve A.M. same Roadway U.S. 19 two miles further, heavily Barricaded Lanes, heavy construction in progress, from the same Darkness that this Woman’s Fate was in front of my Windshield, was now a Man I would say either drunk or mentally challenged on a Bicycle with little to no lights.

I veered hard left missing a Cone he turned into me I stopped on a Dime, why do I always have to be a Jedi. I can’t tell you the amount of Motorcycles I have seen laid down and the Rider ten feet away covered with a Tarp, all because they ride like someone with a death wish, sometimes they get their wish. They say that the Lord looks out for Babies and Fools, well so do I on a daily basis. The cars are another Blog, there are no other activities that I have observed that brings out the Fools in us as Driving does. Why does every Driver gets behind the wheel and become delusional thinking that he or she is a Racecar Driver. Whenever I don’t feel like being a Jedi I use Eastlake Road, the road is posted 50 MPH but there is always someone doing better than 70.

One month ago one of my Neighbors only thirty years old lost her life eight A.m. on a Monday, flipped and rolled the Vehicle several times, she wasn’t wearing a Seatbelt. The amount of rollovers I have seen if I am going one Block I Buckle up. Three weeks later on this same strip of Road I am pulling an Infant from a Truck that went out of control flipping and rolled at least three times. Most of you speedsters have never witnessed the flipside of Driving so you continue to Drive mindlessly until you are crawling on your Belly to exit your fine Automobile now on it’s way to the Junkyard. With over forty five years of always looking out for the other Guy, I can positively tell you that when it comes to Driving very few of us aspire to be Jedi Pilots on a mission to save Lives, essentially our own. By the time you realize how important it is to be astute behind the wheel it’s too late for you or someone else. As the saying goes ” Eyes wide open but you just don’t see”.

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High School Student Critical After East Lake Road Crash

TBadmin TBadmin

5 hours ago

Police Lights | Florida | TB Reporter

The student was on a bicycle headed to East Lake High School, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

EAST LAKE – A high school student was critically injured in a traffic crash on East Lake Road this morning (Dec. 12), the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The student, a 15-year-old Palm Harbor girl, was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. She was in critical condition. She was not wearing a bicycle helmet.

The driver, Michelle Nash, 51, of Holiday, was not injured. Troopers cited her for Driving While License Suspended.

The crash happened about 6:50 a.m. at the intersection of East Lake Road and Pine Ridge Boulevard in the East Lake area of Pinellas County.

Troopers said Nash was driving a 2004 four-door car south on East Lake Road. She entered the intersection under a green light. The student was riding a bicycle on her way to East Lake High School when she crossed East Lake Road into the car’s path. As a result, troopers said, the two collided.

The crash closed the road until about 7:27 a.m.

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