Out of The Box

By losing yourself you might find that person you were meant to be, the Visionary, the Father, Son, Husband Lover and Friend, a Child of God who doesn’t believe the Universe lays down all it’s Overcoats at your Feet. Blending with your Universe is a Giant step in Losing yourself. You can’t go polluting everything you touch,  Minds included, not expecting repercussions, not Preaching but you only reap that which have been Sown.

We firmly believe that one should lose themselves to find themselves, Being perfectly wounded can easily snap. When I worked in the Resort industry two Days off, allowed me to go back Monday and deal with a new set of Rude People. Mother would say “kill them with kindness”.

Positive stroke, Guest calls you an Idiot

You, I’m sorry I don’t meet your expectations, but I am working hard on improving myself.

Don’t Draw Mason Dixon Lines among People, don’t Incite.


If the intended wasn’t understood, simply put, Step out of the 📦.

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