24 Hours

Russian Roulette

The first 12 Hours without a Cigarette went by understandingly  noticed, but not filled with anxiety and not strung out. Nonetheless by the thirteenth Hour I had purchased a Pack smoked halfway through, I decided from here that 12 hours could be 24 and I wouldn’t Die. What will make me Die  is to continue smoking as if there’s nothing wrong with me smoking. Growing up in the Bronx, I have seen many Addictions. In High School I knew a potential NBA hopeful, he choose to stay in the Schoolyard getting stoned all day, instead of putting down his Baggage he chose  to end his potentials  through Addiction. Make no mistake a Nicotine Addiction is a little slower to kill you than Drugs and Alcohol but certain non the less.

As the saying goes to make an Omlet you first have to crack an Egg. Am I ever cooking, long ago I smoke two packs a Day while being behind the wheel driving commercially. Unwittingly sucking up my own secondhand smoke, even if I had all four Windows down by the time the smoke was drafted out I already inhaled about 25% of what escaped through the opened Windows, some people grudgingly cracks one or two Windows which is not enough to keep all that secondhand smoke from your Lungs. Being conscious that every time you put a Cigarette to your Lips you are swimming against the Tides of Nature is a start. Nature have a way of telling you, something is wrong, with all the bad stuff we put in our Body,  sometimes in excess, Alcohol Cigarettes Bad Foods, we are taking away years from ourselves. Taking Charge of damage control is a big plus, for instance did you know that the Smoke Room at work is one of the worst place to hang out, next time you go in a smoke area before you light your cigarette take a deep breath. One thing I know for a fact, being a smoker it never occurred to me how addicted to Cigarette Smoke I was, when sitting among ten smokers in a partially closed in area with a Roof. The smoke that the eleven of us blow, is able to set off a fire alarm yet not one of us complained of eyes and nose discomfort

When you are a longtime smoker your Lungs will burn but too much tolerance you won’t even notice. When you can get to the point that an enormous amount of smoke can fill your Lungs in such regular seasons, you should start thinking about the problem.

Wheather or not there is a lited cigarette the presence of second hand smoke is overwhelming, now imagine what you are doing to your Lungs when ten other people lights up in that small area. The greatest damage done to my Lungs were done in the last two years working for a company that provided two smoking areas, one was under a Garage, walking through the Garage without having one lit you were smoking. If I had decided to continue smoking I would only smoke in front of a fan knowing that my own secondhand smoke was killing me and everyone around me. I also would only use a Brand that was Organic. Coming down with Tobacco related Illnesses is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Right now you are fine, Six months ago I was fine smoking for over 50 years then out of the blue I had Emphysema along with the periodic Coughing. I waited a lifetime until the damage was done, you should not walk in my footprints. Instead you should start now developing a consciousness that it is not a matter of if, but when. After 50 years of Poisoning my body I am lucky to be alive. Playing Russian Roulette with your Health, one day you will find the Bullet like I did. The one good thing about quitting is it dose’nt matter where and when you stop Smoking, your Body starts repairing itself. Depending on when you quit 100% can be repaired, keeping this in mind by Quitting now you give yourself all kind of chances. When you get to where am at most everything is irreversible all you can do to prevent rapid progression is to Quit. Emphysema is sucking in air that exits slowly. You guys please don’t worry about my Emphysema worry about me giving you a Heads up and you thinking that I am alone.  If I had someone Yapping at me about me getting Emphysema, I probably would have quit 20 years ago. My thing about the things that kill you is the suffering, I never wanted to suffer but if you smoke for over 50 years not expecting retribution from your Body then it is what it is. Neil Young puts it Best” Old Man take a look at my Life it’s a lot like yours”

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