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Idiots Behind The Wheel



Idiots Behind The Wheel

My impression of Life is that one should learn and grow with each new Day, learning something from the previous Day. So why dose’nt everyone share this mindset, especially when it comes to Driving. Sometimes I might come across as being mean spirited but I am not, it’s just that when it comes to Driving People Brings out the worst in me. During my weekly commute of 250 miles Driving two cars in rotation, combined cost of the cars $70,000, there is always some idiot who think they know how to Drive trying to alter the perfect condition of my vehicles, they are either tailgating, misjudging distance or any of a million stupid things an inept or callous Driver does on a daily basis for twenty five years of traveling the same Route every Day.

Jedi 1

One of my cars which is still factory fresh 45,000 miles and three and a half years later has survived so many Death wish Drivers, Bicyclists and Pedestrians crossing a 55Mph Speedway so many times I call my Buick Verano Jedi 1. Keeping a car brand new after three years is of no effort for me having the best Driving instructor in the world who told me to drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing. I started driving Heaps at seventeen while teaching myself automotive repairs by going to the Junkyard. I learned Automotive maintenance by going to the Junkyard, stripping Cars there then going home and rebuilding my $500 Heaps, so keeping a three year old car new is child’s play for me. The difficulty comes when it leaves the driveway on a 35 MPH strip of Road called Embassy Blvd.

Every Idiot that uses this Road does not obey the speed limit some do 60-65 this is a working class community, yet you never see any kids playing on their front Lawn. The kids know that cars do jump Curbs at high speeds. I have never known a Boulevard that idiots didn’t lose their rationality, six months ago a young mother pushing a Stroller cross one was killed along with her infant child. The two idiots racing are being charged with vehicular Homicide, if they were given twenty years it still wouldn’t be enough for their mindless act. Three years ago a careless Mother crossing Missouri Ave which is also a Boulevard, crossing against the light six months old in a Stroller and three years old by the hand.

They were all mowed down by a careless motorists killing the infant, Mother and child physically impaired for Life, no tire marks were found at the accident scene, the Driver wasn’t changed. If I was involved in an accident like that I would voluntarily surrounded my license. It appears to me that mindless Jackasses are also without conscience. A Family member of mine have always drove expensive cars like BMW’s he crashed so many I lost count of the catastrophes, the last was the worst, broke his neck in two places broken Pelvic and numerous other fractures, the car had to be dismantled to extricate him. This has been a long time coming, always driving like his name was Dale.

Something that I find strange, he never mentioned the other vehicles and Drivers involved in the accident and whose fault it was. All I could hear was my English Literature Teacher’s voice what is the Author not saying. Well I will tell you what I am saying about these Mindless Jackasses who gets behind the wheel and think they are Racecar Drivers, you suck, take a good look at yourself in the Mirror, you can’t even have sex and chew Gum at the same time without missing a stroke, yet you are Texting while you perform a task that requires total focusing on the Road looking out for other idiots like yourself. Who  do you think you are Multitasking when you can’t even cut an onion without cutting off a finger.

As Mr T would say wakeup Fool. You are right I am an angry Bird, I have been Driving for over fifty years with two accidents that were caused by idiots behind the wheel,  yes I am carrying a 45 year grudge, the Driver of a Jaguar had to prove to me that he was an idiot crossing five Lanes of Ice Slicked Roadway, cutting me off then taking his foot off the gas. That mindless act thought me that sometimes you have to rear end a Rolls Royce to save your Life and other Drivers. With the touch of a feather I veered to my left to avoid a rear end, my car went out of control on the ice slicked surface, spun around numerous times sideswipe five vehicles, slammed into the Guardrail ripping up twenty five yards of it, crashed through into the opposing traffic and getting nailed at sixty five MPH.

Why wouldn’t I be writing about safe Driving and Idiots behind the wheel. For over fifty years of Driving some Commercially I have been watching your mindless approach to Driving anticipating that one day you are going to advance to my skill level and I see that it is never going to happen, because most people do not learn on a day to day basis. So in conclusion let me reverberate Paul McCarthy, yesterday don’t matter anyway, so good bye Ruby Tuesday, because today I heard the News about a man who blew his Mind out in a Car. When you are out there acting up and acting stupid remember 55 stay alive.

PS not because I make lite of a serious matter don’t mean that I am not Dead serious.

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